Sell LiftFoil FR Motor unit

selling a brandnew efoil motor unit with mast. It is the Liftfoil Motor as you can see, just with standard LF mast. It can be used with all VESC or ESC and is acutally the best motor unit on the market with about 4000units sold.
Ready to install and watercooling pipe is prepared as well. However if you dont want to foil >35km/h you wont need it…
Make me an offer, but should be above 1699€ +shipping for this masterpiece…otherwise will keep it :wink:

Or buy a new one for from Flying Rodeo for 110 less…


Why’s yours more expensive?

that is old model and website is not updated and without customs and text. so in the end it is above 2000€ + You can`t get it anymore… :wink:

1740€ is the actual public price VAT included. But you’re right if you’re outside EU you will have to pay customs but no VAT.

Yes and big point you can`t get this unit anymore as they are sold out, no more coming…

Are you sure about that?? I’ve ordered mine last week :grinning:

I was told no more deliveries… :thinking:
Anyway it is best efoil system on the market, and helped Liftfoil to become the major brand :wink:

They told me 4-5 weeks delay. So let’s see next, they have my money :wink:

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