Sell my jet board

Hi guys, since I will not be able to finish my board I will sell it. If any of you are interested, you can contact me. Here are pictures from my board. Ralf1071’s albums | Flickr


Stunning work! It might help if you add some specs. Perhaps board size, jet size, how many batteries or can take in the hatch etc…

What is the weight of the board why not in hollow wood you had need only 2 boards off 2200x600x18mm for 64 Euro and why the 2 Round openings

Hello, excuse my bad english. I use google translater. The board was originally designed for a negative mold in this type. Only in the construction time, I decided to make it mobile. The board has a size of 180x60x15 cm and weighs about 18kg by its design. I looked at several different gaps. The round design was the best in my opinion. It is waterproof, kick-resistant and opens quickly. The best way for a gap in my opinion is a lock with an inflatable tube. But that has to be worked out very well and for this I had no machines. During the construction I talked to a canoeist about a last construction method. He thought that this board shape would be very difficult to implement with strips because the radii are sometimes very narrow. Paulownia wood is rather unsuitable for this. The plates I found are all bar glued and that is bad for it. To bend for the small radii you would need to wet it or work with steam. Paulowniaholz takes but when it is dried very bad again on moisture.
Incidentally, the jet is designed for a 80mm prop and the battery compartment has a size of approx. 33x29x8.5 cm.

Amazing piece of art.

About that round hatch, i was looking for those big size hatches. Do you know the size or have a link where to buy those?

Hello Louis,
here is the link where I bought the hatches.

Thank you, you have the biggest 260mm outside diameter? Did you check if it is waterproof?

Yes, I installed the hatch with 260 mm. The board was under water for several minutes and no water penetrated. A final test for a longer period with a load on the hatches is still missing.

Hi Ralf, your job looks great. did you sold it. Greatings Michael