Sell my new project

selling my project
mast slingshot
flipsky 65161 120kv motor with clamps
ebox elevate rocks
trampa 6 mk5
flyng rodeo prop
fuselage gong kite adapted to must slingshot
front wing new gong veloce m
rear stab gong allvator 40cm
maytech remote controller v2,
2000+shipping,or pickup in Rome Italy,

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Have you tested it in the water?

ciao Marco, mi chiamo Filippo, sono un architetto di Roma appassionato di kite e foil. volevo costruirmi un efoil, ma non ho la più pallida idea di come partire. posso contattarti per una mano o una collaborazione? grazie in caso ti lascio la mia email

Yes sure all work well

Ciao Filippo ti lascio il mio numero 3348067939

Box top: was the plate (box) seal provided by Elevate ?
Box bottom: how is the cable waterproofness ensured between the Slingshot plate and the box ?

Mast plate seal 0X

Ebox,top rubber, mast e motor are provided from Elevate, between plate and ebox there is polyurethane sealant

Hi, my name is Paolo I am now approaching the Efoil world, but I am thrilled. Unfortunately my budget prevents me from buying a complete board of the well-known brands. I was wondering if maybe I could contact you for information and availability of your project.
thank you

Hi. Have you already sold your setup?

good morning,
no i have the setup and more,battery cases for 14s,hgltech hi200 75/200 vesc,flier 400a waterproof another maytech transmitter e receiver(first model) etc.

Hi, how much for the HGL hi200 75/200?

Ciao italianiiiiiiiiiiiii

Ciao buonasera!!!

Hello! How much prop FP, flipsky 65161 120kv motor with clamps?

Good morning Now sold