Selling Complete, Ready to Ride Efoil Project- North Carolina

Hi everyone,

Ive decided to put my entire, ready to ride, efoil project up for sale. This thing has been a labor of love and has evolved from multiple prototypes over the last 4+ years of trial and error (and lots of help from this forum). At the moment the board is totally functional and ready to ride (I just rode it today for about 40 minutes). It is tons of fun but adulting is forcing me to prune down my hobbies and toy collection.

First things first… as you probably know if you have spent some time browsing this forum, these boards are never finished. There is continual improvement and tweaking that can be done. While this board is currently ready to ride and has been really reliable over the last 10 or so sessions I have had on it, I am selling this board as a project. It’s not a $12,000 Lift board and as such comes with no warranty. Be prepared to do some amount of tweaking and garage engineering of your own. This forum will be an awesome resource.


  • Powered by a Flipsky 65151 motor and aluminum prop. 3d printed mast clamp and rear fairing (NO PROP GUARD)
  • Flipsky 200A water cooled ESC
    -Closed loop freshwater cooling system. Onboard pump circulates anitfreeze+water through ESC and to an external radiator mounted flush with bottom of board.
  • Maytech waterproof remote
  • Custom electronics rack with coolant reservoir. All electronics and batteries located in a single waterproof box.
    -Custom board. 5’4"x31". started as a SUP and reshaped so it has tons of volume. recessed battery box and motor connector access panel. Drop in radiator. battery box and radiator can be easily removed together to make the board a lot lighter and easier to carry.
  • The foil setup consists of flat garolite foils and aluminum mast and fuselage. I cant remember who made these but I bought them on ebay a few years back. Super durable. Despite the flat profile they are actually pretty stable and (this really blows me away) efficient. I can cruise up on the foil while only drawing around 35A.
  • ride time is around 45 minutes on average with my two custom 6S8P 26Ah packs (connected in series for 12S).

Will also consider selling batteries with this for an additional price even though I currently use them for my Ebike. Batteries are two individual 6S8P Samsung 18650 30Q (genuine) packs. Spot welded using Kweld and solid nickel plates (not skinny strips). The cells are mounted in a 3d printed chassis with cells spaced out to help with cooling. These battery chassis have removable covers in case the cells ever need to be serviced/ swapped. No BMS. Can also include custom charger with these packs which can charge both batteries at once at 15+A each (I usually charge at 10A). Currently, the batteries only have about 6 or 7 cycles on them.

I have close to $2500 just in the major components alone (not including the obscene amount of money spent on previous builds that went up in smoke to get this board to where it is now along with the literally hundreds of hours of design work, shaping, wiring, crying, and 3d printing, waiting for parts for months etc…). I am asking $2000 for the everything but the batteries and charger. I can also throw in some older Alien ESC’s and motors and whatever other spare parts I have. Will consider selling the batteries and charging system for an additional $600. I will also consider trades for a one wheel (or other cool eskate gadget) + cash. Located in Wilmington NC. Local pickup only. DM me for more pics. I have a ton. Thanks for looking!


That’s too cheap. Put it on eBay and start the bidding at $3,000. I’d ask $12k if I ever sold mine. Sh!t, I’d want $3,000 just for my battery. :sweat_smile:

Good luck with your sale.



UPDATE: My main motivation for selling this is just that I have too many projects and too little time to work on them all. I started to realize given all the time, energy, money I have put into this project to get it where it is now, that I would like to take a little bit longer to enjoy riding it. I have built lots of stuff over the years but this one really kicked my ass and took me almost four years to get dialed in. I know I would regret not taking a little more time to enjoy it before I move on to the next project.

That said, I would like to spend a few more weeks riding and enjoying this thing (I have only ridden it maybe 10 times so far). Sorry for the U-turn. For those of you that messaged me, Thank you for your interest. I will be sure to reach back out to you when I am ready to sell. Maybe a few weeks…maybe a couple of months. Thanks again.

(I don’t think I can delete this topic but if a moderator sees this, please feel free to do so. Thanks!)

Hey, I am interested I’d love to chat with you +1-808-214-4743 from maui hawaii

I got a little bit different of a setup but I’m looking for an e-foil

And I have an Esk8 that I had custom made
By kaly nyc heres the link…

With info I’ll be willing to do a trade and give you some money as well if you’re interested

I would recommend sending me a message via text or through WhatsApp, cuz I’m just kind of a lurker on here actually had to make an account just to respond.

Did you end up selling the board? I am thinking about selling mine.

Bump. Back up and still for sale if anyone is interested! Thanks.

Hi jsonnett
I’m very interested
I saw this post through Facebook and tried to contact you on messenger
Anyway, I am looking for something like what you have to get started creating and learning what makes efoils tick.
You can call me or contact me any which way

Ole Nielsen
860 395 9682

Thanks so much