Selling my boards, maybe someone will be interested u6

Dimentions: 135cm x 65cm x 14cm
Motor 70170 120kv custom motor 12p14n
Vesc 75200
Rl mast and wings front 1600
Battery 14s5p samsung 40t 20ah with smart bms. Charger 8amps.
Maytech remote
Board weight 11kg
All setup about 25kg
Price 5500eu little bit used, but like a new.
Only in europe.


Dimentions: 137cm x 65cm x 12cm
Motor 70170 90kv 12p14n
Zesc Raiden 7
Maytech remote
Battery 30ah 14s10p samsung 30t
Charger 8a
RL mast and wings
Little bit used
Board weight 11.5kg
All setup 27kg
Price 5500eu

And I have new one!!! Setup only 16kg, IMG_20230610_092108_172|666x500

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Dimensions:125cm x 58cm x 10cm
Battery 16ah samsung 40t with smart bms 100a
Battery inside the board,
Vesc 75200
Motor 65161 120kv
RL mast and wings
Didn’t sold this board at this season I can build for you, only for order. Price 7500eu

I am from Lithuania,
More video’s and photos on my facebook Jevgenij Miasniankin


Some very nice board. Would you have more picts of your hatch locking system ?
It seems you use only 4 screws to lock the lid ? Normal or quarter turn screws ?

Stainless steel hinges at the front, two M8 screws at the back.

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