Selling wings and boards

Hi I’m selling an inflatable Naish hover that is 5’7” 135liters only been used twice.

Also for sale is a F-One Rocket wing board 6’ 100liters

Also selling a 5m duotone version 1 wing with the boom.

Update: 6m is sold as of “12.22.2020”
Also for sale is a 6m ozone wasp wing.

Pictures coming tomorrow

@Hdip whatever you do, do not look at this 6m wing! :sweat_smile:

Does Hdip need a bigger wing? I got a 9m too if he really wants to go big.

I already saw it. I’m talking myself out of this dumb sport. Board first wing later. That’s what would get me to buy a wing again.

I need to just come ride your setup at castaic I think. You get two runs. I get two runs.

I told myself no spending money on foil gear without demos first.

I mean I guess I’d be interested in a package deal of the board and 6m wasp … argh see what happened now!

Hey Alex, I’m interested in the wasp assuming its in good condition. How much shipped out to CO (80537)? Was hoping for a wing ASAP so I can hit up some frozen lakes on skates :smiley:


Hey Bryce I’ll have to see what the shipping costs are, I have never shipped one of these before.

6m ozone wing. It’s in great condition

Feel free to text me at
I tried to upload a video but it won’t load. I’m sure I could text it to you

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Just wrote you on whatsapp Alex. Maybe meet up at Mondos today?

I’m in, like I said, I only do two passes and then I sit down for a bit lol.

Who surfs for a minute at a time on the mainland?! I gotta save some for later.

Update: 5m Duotone wing is sold

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