Service Request Welcome - Carbon Fiber Business Development

Hi Foil Builders,

I am in the infancy stage of starting a company and have invested a significant amount of time and energy into developing a propulsion board for 18 months. I now have made connections and am preparing to develop my first iterations of production available foils, masts, foils chassis systems, mounting plates, fuselages, adaption mounts, and whatever my future customer (you reading this…) wants. I am highly motivated since I’ve temporarily taken a sabbatical and have invested my monies into my passion which is foiling. I want to open source production and everything will be refundable if you aren’t satisfied. I will launch my site in 9 weeks contingent on a product pipeline that will sustain a production here in the USA. Thanks in advance for the interest and I hope to hear more about your production needs.

Please consider the following before submitting your wishlist:

  1. This is intended to be crowed sourced so please submit legitimate requests.
  2. My production batch is direct to OEM in USA. I will be hands-on and guarantee all products. If your product is defective, we will iterate to satisfy depending on your feedback.
  3. I’ll mostly be entertaining USA orders only. Shipping will be included in the price.