Setting amp limitation on Faux Assist

Hello all,

I’ve got a DIY foil assist on 12S2P Molicel p42a, 6384 saite motor, esc Flycolor X Cross 160 amp, original FD 3 blades propeller and I’m trying to stick the best to the settings of Foil Drive in order to optimise my time to play.

For the moment, amp limitation is set to 160 amp and I can run 20min on 5km with trigger at 65%.

I know that VESC protocol does not run like ESC but I try to find the best settings of my ESC to avoid unnecessary current consumption.

I know that FD set their Gen 2 system around 1500W and it’s enough power. The sport battery is 11S2P so I suppose they set the max amp to 1500/(11x3.6)= 38 amp. That justifies their MT60 waterproof motor connection which is very small IMO.

Am I right with this supposition ?
If yes, does it mean I can lower my amp limitation from 160amp to 40 amp ?


FD use a burst current to get up, I think it’s like 10-13sec and then pull back to 1500w. I assume it’s programmed onto their vesc throttle curve.

I just tried with a current protection lowered to 50 amps so 2165W and it works like a charm for the take off and efoil phases. No real advantage in term of battery life on the other hand.

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