Setting for MTI65162 (100KV) + 1905WF+MTSF300A

I use a MTI65162 (100KV) + 1905WF+MTSF300A. Could you advice me for the best setting of the esc and the remote ? What is the best configuration for the esc (pole, motor timing governor mode, start up strength, …)? what is the best setting for the remote ?
My battery is a 12S12P and a FR propeller.
For the moment, all the setting is by default but I have the feeling to have not enough power.

Thanks for your advice.

Your ESC is an encased ZTW SEAL 300 Opto also sold by Flipsky. ZTW is the original manufacturer. You should find good info here Search results for 'SEAL 300' - and a user guide here:

@SoEFoil. Thanks. I have no problem to program the esc but I don’t know which parameters are good.

How is it going. @rogjalon and @Beninspain should have the details you’re after…

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Hi SoEfoil,

I didn’t find solution for the moment. Maytech just said « don’t change the timing and the start up strengh ». I find this motor not really powerfull in 12s. The MTI65162 is a 6 poles. Perhaps change this motor by an other stronger but what ? :grinning:

I ride that motor last year around 25-35 km/h and also maximum around 40 km/h in a 12s14p configuration.
The propeller is a FR and the VESC is an Trampa 75/300

@cristophe you may not be getting full throttle. Try this.
With your battery disconnected pull the remote trigger fully in. Then whilst holding the trigger at full throttle connect your battery. You will then hear 2 beeps. Immediately release the trigger and you will hear another 2 beeps. Your remote is now calibrated for full throttle range.
I hope this helps

@nice2cu @rogjalon
Thanks a lot for your advices. I will try and come back here to share the result. :+1:

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Also, what cutoff voltage do you currently have set in your esc. For an 18650 battery pack 3.2V is a good setting. If you have this setting to high, your esc may be starting in limp mode.

May i ask how long you can ride with this setup?
Where did you get the propeller?
Im new to the topic efoil but experienced in building eskateboards
I want to go with the maytech kit 120kv 65152 and 300amps esc and a 14s10p battery

I am able to ride minimum 1:30h but not full speed.
But sometimes give full gas.
One time I came to around 2:00


omg thts nice
so you your max speed is around 40kmh right?
and the FR prop youre using is it the 3 wing or 4 wing prop?
i just started my build and im also looking into the maytech kit
btw. which motor shaft do you use? the splinted one or the screwed one?
KR and thx very much!!

yes, a little bit around/under 40 kmh
i use the FR 3 blades 6" 6"pitch propeller.
my motor is the screwed one.

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thank you very much then ill go for it too