Setting up an ARC200 with a Maytech Remote

As you may have seen from the other post I have finally got round to charging my batteries.

I am now also starting to look at testing my electrics and setting up my ARC200 with my Maytech Remote.

Couple of questions for those who have used these two items together

Does this cable connect to the ‘throttle’ cable on the ARC200?

Also does it then connect to this part of the receiver

If anyone has any clear pictures of their ARC and layout with the Maytech receiver that would be great

Reading through the manual again, is the ARC200 a VESC?

That connects to the pwm input on the arc200
On the maytech receiver there’s a pwm output.
In the software, select pwm on encoder line.

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Are you running the maytech on your Arc200 setup @Jezza? Do you like it or should I wait for a new generation of waterproof remotes?

I am running the maytech remote. I bought it when it was on sale and then waterproofed it properly. It’s good enough for what I want, but I wouldn’t pay full price for it! I’m not sure when a new remote will be out, it might take some time.

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Thanks Jez

Found it, do I connect it with the black wire at the top…

Or with the white wire at the top?..

Just really scared of damaging things the first time I plug it all in!


Ground wire on a servo cable is always black or brown. PWM wire is always white or yellow.

Great thanks, so black at the top it is

So unless I’m missing something, this is the only thing I need to connect to the receiver, is that correct?

Yes correct. The other side goes to the PWM input on the Arc200.

Cheers thanks,

So I think I am all set to finally see if everything actually works.

I will have a go this evening using one battery and the ARC200 GUI, setting the temp cutoff to about 65 degrees so that it would cut out way before the ESC burnt as you suggested

Wish me luck :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Just a quick one does the ARC need the batteries connected to make settings with the GUI

Yes it needs the batteries connected so that you can set it up correctly. There is a video by freefly on the YouTube

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Thanks again

Looks like there are a couple one for scooters

and one for a skateboard:

I’ll probably use the scooter set up as it’s for a single motor

I guess I don’t need reverse or brake??

Also looks like quite a complex set up process,

No revers or brake. Just make the motor slow down fast.

Thanks Jez

Is there an “out of the box” standard setting with the ARC200 that you could then just go in and customize certain sections or will it always need the full custom set up as in the videos above?

NO, you need to run the wizard so that it tunes to the motor.
The you just need to adjust the temp and slew up and slew down rates…

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Ha ha, didn’t get very far…I seem to have failed on the very first stage of the set up wizard

It says

Could not find parameter ‘max phase accel available with throttle’ in this drive firmware

Could not find parameter ‘max phase regen available with throttle in this drive firmware

Anyone got any ideas?

I wonder if the motor is knackered

This is my wiring set up…

Anyone see anything majorly wrong? I assume the main battery wires are the black and red and the blue is the other one. I have nothing connected to the throttle connector on the arc

I just connected mine up last night. I used the pwm on the pin6 of the throttle port. Found this pic since the arc200 wiki changed sites and is missing a bunch of pictures.


Also remember to test your and set your failsafe (shut off remote or lose singal). Mine was set to a low value that the arc200 interrupted as full reverse. Got rid of reverse on mine now and it correct shuts off the power I shut off the remote.