Shape3d Board CAD program

I’vs just downloaded the free version of Shape3d Lite and am using it to visualize the modifications I plan to make to an old windsurfer before I start cutting. So far I have found the program super easy to use and very helpful. Only thing missing – best I can tell – is the ability to incorporate the cut-outs for my waterproof boxes into the design.

This program also allows you to design a board from scratch and send the design to a local cutter with the proper machine. However others on this site have said those machines may be limited in board thickness. The board I am modifying is 5.5" thick.

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@sunrise305 Yes you can ; Insert slice where you want to put your box and after insert several control points to shape your box on these slices.

Awesome! Thanks very much. I will try that. Still learning the basics.

Good software, I designed and realized a few surfboards with that software, a lucky one is still my favorite 6’6" very small wave! To be able to draw cuts like you need, the commercial version is needed. Freeware can’t do, no matter for how many slices you’ll add it will interpolate them, leading to a mess.

Just to verify ; job not perfect but make in 2 minutes. I need to check the position of the control points and slice. but it’s possible.


Check with the shaping factory if they accept such draw… Front and back recess wall doesn’t look like good, it’s a 3d software if something looks weird…usually it doesn’t print/mill fine. You need the commercial license of the software.

Thanks guys. I am only using Shape3d to visualize my plan before cutting down an old windsurfer so the file will not be output.