Share your builds here!

If you are putting a wire through each hole make sure to put a grommet on those holes at the very least! Looking good though!

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I’m Peter from Hungary. I’m on the beginning of my builds.
I want to build an electric surfboard with jet drive, and an universal e-propulsionsystem for beginner windsurfer. (The prop has to be here very tricky…)
I plan to use 8S configuration but with a 790 kv SSS motor.
I want to use as many 3d printed part, as I could.
(Sorry for my bad english.)

Hello everyone,
we built one here in Barcelona and are looking to make a LOT more very soon
Thanks to Pacificmeister and Hiorth of course…!!

Here is the patent we found…

Yes there are two electric hydrofoil board patents in the USA that more or less locking up that area for “complete setups”. One has a way of steering (the older patent), and the one you linked to above is what Nick Leason for Lift foils has control of if I’m correct.

They found a way around that first patent by removing the option to steer the board and said you just use your weight to steer, and they added a “rear strut” (mast) to the hydrofoilo board. It took that patent two attempts to get it and they did. But really, if you are creative and want something bad enough, you can find a way around most patents with a little few brainstorming sessions.



This is our drivetrain for a solar powered racing boat. Maybe interesting to you. It is a Lehner 3080/14 and a PLE60 16:1 reduction. At top speed we use about 6.5 kW. Works flawlessly :smiley:

We get inspired by your designs and solutions, therefore also this share. Lot’s of components are similar

Keep you posted!


That looks soo nice!!!

One question, why not countersunk screws on the fuselage?

We did countersunk afterwards :wink: this was just for quick built up to do some testing

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Hey Jules,

Good to see you out here! We’ll be installing the motor this winter :slight_smile:

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Last year we’ve developed our own hydrofoils. This was the first time tried making our own foils. Bij printing the foils, filling them with glue and then using carbon makes them really stiff!! Each foil lifts around 1000N, with a resistance of 100 N at 7 m/s, which takes 700W.

Any ideas about improving them? Let me know!


Great. Love the lamination concept !
What kind of glue do you use for first step?

The first step? You mean the black glue we’ve put into the ribs. That’s a glue based on vinylester.

We’ve put the PLA parts, the actual foil together by soldering! Just heat up the PLA till you can melt them together, it takes some time, but a fine solution!

Hey builders!

Here I am trying to make an efoil with my father as a school project and you guys are the precious help I needed
To this day we’ve bought the 56104 SSS motor and printed PacificMeister’s 3D models

(the red part is there just to see what it’s going to be like, I’ll replace it with an aluminium tube later)

I’m welcoming any advice, know they are always helplful in this community :grin:


If you can replace the plastic elements near the gearbox, prop included, your system will be more durable.


Oh yes, and the propeller will also be more efficient I suppose… Thank you!

Thank you,Pacific Meister and everyone for all the information and ideas on this site.Im having trouble deciding what gear reduction ratio would work with my set up;
A 4084 620kv brushless inrunner coupled with a Kenzen RC 110mm prop kort nozzle and a Turnigy AquaStar 200A Watercooled Sensorless High Voltage (ESC) with 6s lipo …I know its on the low power side ,But I plan on using a large 30 by 11 inch sup wing for lift…Any comments on which reduction gear would be ideal?any comments…thanks

I’m running a 50mm outrunner direct drive with a sup foil and am not even close to having enough power to ride. I realize you are running a gearbox but a 40mm motor might be pushing it.

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What are your motor specs and prop/impeller diameter?

Its an alien 5065. I have tried a number of different props and cant get the motor to pull more than 2000W. Even with huge props. Not quite sure where the bottle neck is. I would be happy burning the motor up so at least I know what it’s limits are but I cant even get it past 2K. More details and specifics can be found in this post. Oil Cooled, Direct Drive Build From the East Coast

You do know the alien 5056 motors draw a max of 1800-2200w right…? You wont get them anyhigher no matter what you try, as that is their power limit/design.