Short ride video - the goose chase πŸ˜„

Trying to beat a boat on my board :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I was not flat out here but still going for it: NÀÀs speed run - YouTube


You were cookin there! (local slang for moving fast) :grinning:

What camera gear did you use?

It’s a insta360 x2 camera, i’ve just started learning what it can do. Takes some time just to do a short clip like this!

I just had a look at this camera on their website. Very cool tech. It looks like it is maybe being replaced with the X3 version?

What resolution did you shoot your video in? I know that YT will mess with res a bit when you upload. I like the under the board looking backwards bit!

Its filmed in HD, and yeah it looks better in the original film, seems youtube compress it somehow :slightly_smiling_face: