Show us your battery charging station

DiY or on the shelf, show us how you charge your battery.

Different situations:
1- your battery doesn’t contain a BMS, your N cells in series are connected to an N+1 pin connector that connect to a balance charger
Many members use ICHARGER (FlightJunkie) or ISDT (Alexandre) balanced chargers supplied with high current 12 or 24V server PSUs sold 15usd each on ebay.
FlightJunkie use two ICHARGER x8, eight wires for each 7s pack:

2 - I can’t say if it is for a battery with or without BMS
Pwrfoil sell 500€ a nice 48V 20A YEWI golf cart power supply sold 100usd on Ali.
This powersupply is CC/CV : constant current -constant voltage.

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I use a skyrc 1080

Balance charge (2)x 6s batteries at once, 20000mAh in under an hour.

Had a look at the specs. At 260€/usd, it looks safe and reliable.

The privilege of LiPo users :wink: Let’s wait a few more days (2020/06/30) to see if Supernova are onto something with their LTO batteries.