Show us your home made front wing

Your front wing is too small (kitefoil wing) or too slow (thick and large Surfoil wing) ? Not much money left after buying a nice battery ? Why not making your own Front wing in : plywood, G10, … ?

Came across this picture:

Owner’s comment (“Jyoder”):

My DIY foil. I love it!
1100 cm2, 22.8 cm chord (9 " in center), 2.54cm (1") thick

Choose a nice airfoil section with thickness ratio (= wing thickness / max chord) at 7 or 8%. using menus. Surfoil front wings like Gong, Cloud iX, GoFoils range from 12 to 18% and saturate in speed at 25kmph (15 knots) meaning amps drawn increase a lot passed that speed.
Example with above dimensions: 2.54 / 22.8 = 11%. Profile could be slimed to 2 / 22.8 = 8.8% for better top speed.
Angle of incidence: usually zero degrees for a front wing (-3° to -5° for a stab).

How to apply a given airfoil section along the whole wingspan:
For the picts, in French but self explanatory:

Google trad:


Haven’t got so much to post yet, 3D-printed base for a huge-ish foil, I scaled it and modded it from an online file i found so i can’t take credit for the foil shape. It is meant to be a stable, high lift / beginner style foil.
~2100cm2 ~81cm wide, ~31cm nose-tail, aspect ratio 3.2

Plan is to cover it with carbon, also to make some carbon trusses on the inside of the foil.
I’ll update with some progress when it’s done!


Absolutly love it. Im planning same once i get new power supply fir 3d printer. Are you releasing the stl?

Sure, can upload tonight. Be warned: i don’t know how it will perform, i bet it will be a bit slow.

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Slow and steady…at the start :slight_smile:

couldn’t upload… also cannot find anything in the FAQ regarding this?

Here is my front wing. It’s made of carbon fiber and fiberglass, from a 3d printed mold.

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You can check my post here if you want more details about my build : New build from 3D printed molds (very low cost, but high performance !)