Silly question, scubajet + folding prop

Hi everyone!
Just a simple silly question ( because I have no idea about this subject)
I have a scubajet like this: , it’s the 1000w one
Its supposed to give 15kg of thrust

If I find a way to connect something like this:!EUR!63.67!50.93!!!!!%40212279b716876900348694324d075c!12000033737323423!sea!PT!0&algo_pvid=961f41b6-7a1e-4d9d-b0a6-f6604593d43d
To it , replacing the impeller with the folding ( bigger) propeller and changing from a jet to a proppeler system .

Can I get more thrust???

I know its a crazy idea , but who knows… Maybe it works, maybe it burns the engine (?) !

You’ll first have to determine what is the SubaJet impeller locking principle and output shaft diameter.
IMHO, the impeller and the motor are matched to provide the best output but the main thing is an accessible prop means would loose the safety.

Thank you very much!
The diameter thing I would improvise :sweat_smile: , but it’s not the mechanical aspect that scares me…
As for the safety I don’t really care , what I want is to try and make a cheap Foil drive assist type thingy with minimal investment ( and all of them have the prop exposed )

Would the bigger propeller give it more thrust ?
That’s the main question

The first question I should have asked is “For what use ?”
Others can chime in but IMHO, there are two issues in your plan:

  • Low torque for slow rides: don’t expect to get a FoilDrive function with so little torque, you won’t have the minimum boost to take-off,
  • Battery autonomy: the SJ has too low a capacity.

So you’d better buy a 2nd hand FD or make one for a quarter of the selling price. Everything is available here…

As i suspected …:sweat_smile:
Thank you very much, you saved me a lot of time and frustration…

As for the built , yes i guess everything is here , but also it’s to complicated for me…

Nheee, I would, but nheee , its too much for me

Dunno if you tried but this won’t be good. You have high RPM for your jet vs lower needed for a prop. This translates to low torque.
Are you willing to sell your Scubajet at a good price by any chance (EU) ? :smiley:

I might yes , depending on the good price for me :sweat_smile:

If you don’t mind me asking, for what would you use it ?

How much you’re willing for it ? If I can’t find a good price I’ll probably go for a Waydoo Subnado. Only looking at used for lower prices as I don’t use them so often so new doesn’t make sense to me.

Obviously recreational scuba diving at dephts lower than 15m.

Ah , because the one I have is the sup kit . Didn’t remember it’s actually mainly for SCUBA jetting… ,:joy:

It’s the same thing, I’d just need to buy the dual hand controller.

Actually my controller is updated to a later experimental software version and does dual and has a boost mode for catching waves. Although the correct controller would be better of course

Ah, sorry, dual HAND … Forget it 🤦