Simple 18650 battery pack calculator (Power-Cost-Size)

While I have been working out my battery configuration, I made a quick spreed sheet calculator for various aspects including power output, approx run time based on Amp draw, cost and over all dimensions. It will work most of this useful stuff out.
Im pretty new to all this battery stuff, so it might not be 100%. most of the formulas have come from posts Ive seen on here. It might be useful to someone else so i thought i would share.

Just edit the green cells with the basic info, currentnly its set for Sony VTC6 with a 14S12P

I am making my pack in 2 seperate packs, so I added this option so I am able to see the pack dimensions based on 2 different layouts. I´m tight for space.

Its pretty easy to use just by adding a few variables. Hope it helps
If anyone spots any glaring mistakes please let me know.


the sony vtc 6 can deliver a maximum of 12 A under constant load. for a short time up to max. 20 A. the capacity is 3000mah. about 2700mah can be used as foil drive. it is better but only 2600 mah is used as the maximum. That’s accepted. And all those values can be changed on the sheet. I simply used what the manufacturer states. So If you are comparing Sony over Samsung q30 for example, Input the manufacturer claims for both you’ll see any gains or losses. Obviously a grain of salt is required with all claims. But the sheet certainly works to show if your battery plan has enough overheads for your use, fits your load space, gives a rough idea of run time if you know the amp pulls, and what it’s going to cost.

Adding more 2 more p’s to a 12p for example gives you a very quick idea of what your going to extra, including the weight.

While it helped me plan my battery pack as a relative newbie, I’ll accept that this might not be needed for those such as yourself with a superior knowledge.

hello, yes of course I understand that everyone first uses the values of dealers or sellers as a basis. If you want to quickly get real values that are good as a basis, I can recommend the page here.Redirecting... at these values you have to reduce by about 25% then you are at real values for large battery packs. Why? simply because individual cells are often measured and tested. however, as soon as many are in one pack, each cell gives the waste heat to the other cells. the thermal load is therefore higher than a single cell test. I have been building batteries up to 15 S / 40 P for many years. experience has shown that it only makes sense to permanently load the cells up to maxiamle rates up to 5 C. and only the best cell types. like sony, samsung and molicel. your idea with the list is very good, keep going so it will help many who start!

From time to time you will also find amounts about battery cells and values and how much power can be drawn here. Redirecting...
in the next few days i will also post there as i am currently building my new packs. the page is about flying. but i also use the packs for e-foiling and in summer also for the speed board project that i am currently building with 2 maytech 65150 as a drive.

Nice Excel! How do you get motor pull? Is it the current in the “bollard pull” test? How do you assume 35A? Thanks in advance for your answer.