Simple battrery volt meter that is readable in sunlight

Hi everyone,
has anyone found a simple battery voltmeter display that you can actually read in sunlight ?
I have been using this one…

…but it is invisible in sunlight.

I need it for a 14s setup and just want the voltage.

Any suggestions welcome !

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Have you tried any analog (with a pointer like a watch)?

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I have found that only the red 0.36” voltmeters are sunlight visble, and the other colours are impossible to read.

Ok, thanks that’s helpful. I might try something like this :

red led voltmeter

10 led bargraph:

Is there any chance to read the pack voltage on a smartwatch?

On a smartphone yes (I dont have a smart watch so I dont know) with the BMS app. I can also see an indication on the remote. However, I just want a simple indicator on the board itself so I know when its turned on and have an idea of the battery state. The current one is ok but difficult to read in the sun. I am going to try this green one as green seems the most visible on the multicoloured one I have and this one seems brighter in the photos on aliexpress. Also the indicator is black with the surround backlight (rather than the inverse) so I am hoping the contrast will be better.


Will let you know the outcome

Something like this would be great.

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I use one of these inside a small clear topped ip68 container on my board, it has always been viewable in sunlight