Sitting Bull! Greets from Austria!

Unbelievable how easy it is to ride !!

Best regards from the Salzkammergut


Great, Very good stability ! it seem powerfull.
Could you tell us more about your efoil ?

Yes, of course!
3D printing parts are mostly from Pacific Masters. Thanks again for the great work !!!
The following parts are installed:
Engine: SSS 56104 480kV
Regulator: YGE 165HV to 14S and Hobbywing Seaking 130A
Batteries: Multistar 16000 mAh 12S (3x4S)
Gearbox: Reisenauer Motor Chief 6: 1, sprocket 17Z 5mm
Mast: Slingshot 70cm Wing: Slingshot Infinity 76cm
Board 1: F2 Axxis 105 liters
Board 2: AHD Diamond Race 67, 148 liters
Box: Electric box waterproof, 25x35cm
Remote Control: For Skatebordsboard from Alienware
Performance data: Current Max 95A, power consumption 15700Ah, power Max 4300W, Temp Max ESC 65 °, travel time 15min.
3D printer: Creality cr-10S, Fusion 360, Cura
Here is our video from yesterday: Wallersee / Austria

best regards Joseph


very nice built, it looks you get some speed with the 480KV and 6.1, can you please tell me how manu amp do you put in one 16a battery after a 15min run?

any pics on the gearbox shaft?

thank you

Hello Alexandre!
I have recharged 15300 mAh.
Maximum speed was 25kmh.
See the photos further details:


well pretty impressive , i use the same multistar 4s but in 8s configuration (4sx4), i don’t go below 3.7v and put around 12000ma, they get pretty hot (i burned 2 already), but if it can discharge that low with less amp that is go to know!

thank you for the pics, i cannot see much about the motor/gearbox coupling, did you trim down the motor shaft to 5mm and glued the pignon, or do you use a coupler?

on the propeller side, did you screw and glued the shaft (because with thrust it will probably unscrew if you use a R turn propeller :wink: )

your wing is huge 1534cm2?, probably that why it is so steady

Joseph, how do you connect the three motor wires between the box and the foil?

Hello Alexandre!
I mean with 8s your power gets too high. If you weigh the 90kg, the maximum power requirement will be about 4500W, which is 150A. I suspect too much for the Multistar 16000. I am thinking to raise soar to 14S, then I take the current at 85A. Live the batteries are longer !!!
My ESC (YGE 165HVT) downgrades the power at 3.2V per cell. Unloading should be possible up to 3.0V per cell without damage.
The motor shaft has been reduced to 5mm and the pinion glued with Loctite 648.
For the propeller, I used a self-locking hexagon nut.
The wing fits perfectly for our weight and this drive!

Sunrise305: The cables to the engine are 8qmm copper, about 1m long and connected with 6mm gold connector.
Greetings Joseph 69!

Sorry for my “old School English”


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Anyone know what gauge 8qmm wire is? I’m debating whether to use 8 gauge or 10 gauge wire to run thru my mast to the motor.

8 AWG would be 8.34 mm2. 10 AWG is only 5.26 mm2:

I would go 8 AWG, 10 is a bit undersized and risky in my opinion.
edit: This tool recommends 9 AWG for 44V, 200A, 1.5m cable length and 5% acceptable power loss.

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Hello Benjo, thanks for the very good link !!

I have used this one and am very happy with them:


Thank you , for the propeller side, i wanted to advise that the shaft can unscrew from the gearbox using the R hand propeller :wink:

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Happend to me after 20m. But I read your thread before, so I was aware that this might happen. (thanks for the info)
Fortunatly prop and shaft stayed in place. No water in the pod.