Skullym’s new build in Paris region

After about a year of step-by-step learning and building, here is my first efoil build.

Firstly, many thanks to everyone on this excellent forum for sharing, explaining and helping – with a special mention for Pacificmeister for creating the forum, Volker who inspired my board design and Taylor who, together with PM, developed the amazing parametric propellor and duct design for Fusion360.

First ride (only knee-foiling for the moment!)

The specs:

  • Motor : Flipsky 65161 120kv
  • ESC : Flipsky FESC 75200
  • Remote : Flipsky VX3
  • Battery : homemade 14S 12P Samsung 30Q
  • Board : homemade 160cm x 68cm x 12cm : 97 litres
  • Foil : Gong Allvator X-Over M with V2 mast

Building the battery

Building the board


Mast clamp, prop and duct - Many thanks to Manu who inspired my water cooling mast clamp design

Water leak detector (- saved my bacon several times so far during first on-water tests)


By Paris region you mean "région parisienne ? " :wink:
I really like the water detector and will adopt it !
So many shared points with mine.

how is the ride ?

14S 12P ? What cell model ?

Hi, yes région Parisienne for the locals - Val d’Oise to be precise.

Cells are Samsung 30Q - battery seems to last quite a while - after 45 mins (of learning) voltage had only dropped from 58.8v to 57.0v. So should get at least 90 mins ride time.

Ride is great as far as I can tell - but I am still learning. Foils quite easily at around 30amps with about 50amps to get on foil (I am just under 70kg).

I would definitely recommend the water detector - it can be made more simply without the transistors but these mean that is needs almost no current flowing through the water to turn the beeper on full volume so its very sensitive. Even a damp tissue will set it off. I can send the stl. files if you are interested.

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I use LG INR18650-MJ1 3500mAh - 10A in a 13S15P setup. I reach 1h40 min permanent flight with this battery.
I’m finshing a second battery made with Samsung 30Q 13S13P, i will have 2 batterys on my “cruising board” and only one on the “wave riding” one.

Hi Hobie17,

have you posted your build(s) ? I would be interested in seeing your setups.

best regards

A few more photos of some upgrades - new hatch with hinges, new foam padding, new propeller and revised mast clamp.

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Recent test of ESC mods, new prop and new hatch.