Skyrc 1080 charger


Anyone tried the skyrc 1080 dual 6S charger?

hello on the French site some riders on it and its super satisfied…a connect with a good type of power supply efuel.

power supply is included, no ? i want it to buy it and finally got 2 isdt t6 and 2 power supply 20A, just because i prefered to have everythings seperated … but yes you buy can it you will be happy with it

Yes it’s a monster almost 5 kg. Talked to the distributor in Sweden and they have sold some, non of the have been returned for service yet :slight_smile: found a second hand unit for 100 euro. Might go for that one.

Keep in mind that dual 6S =/= 12S
You still have to split the battery pack to charge it since both chargers outputs have common ground.

Yes! I built two 6s 42.5ah