Slingshot Mast Wiring

I am not familiar with the cross section of the mast on new Slingshot boards.I intend to purchase this board, but I am not sure the mast has cross sectional voids to run the wires through. Is the mast solid aluminum?


That mast is the same as the old ones.

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Thank you for the reply! I am trying to decide between the slingshot or a Cabrinha Hi Rise Carve (with Double Agent board). Lucky a local retailer has the Cabrinha so I can check it in store.

From an engineering standpoint I know that it’s impractical to create a solid extrusion like that, typically they require voids - just wanted to be sure. I will assume all of the masts are the same structure internally.

No, some masts are the same, some are different.i find the best masts are: axis 16mm, liquid force, RL boards, gong, naish. I used to use slingshot but you can’t run watercooling in them so changed from them.

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What about 2020 Cabrinha Hi Rise Carve?

I don’t know what the mast structure is like so can’t comment.

If it’s this mast, then go with it as the single centre slot is good for wiring and cooling pipe.

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I am assuming you are going to buy the mast and foil and maybe even the board, but I just want to make sure you understand that this board won’t work?

Hi, why won’t it work?

Well the board (while being sold on a kiteboarding site) is not a kiteboard …but instead is a wakesurf board. There is a big difference. This board is super thin compared to what you need and has almost no volume. I happen to have one, but I can only use it when I’m pulled behind my boat. You really need a board that’s probably 3 inches thick at a minimum. What are you planning on doing for an ESC and battery? You would have to strap those to the top of this board (in a waterproof case) and the whole board would be completely under water when you started which would make it very difficult.

Thanks for the reply! I didn’t notice the thickness.

HI Jezza. I am using Slingshot masts and foils. I have figured out how to add water cooling. Not too difficult. My ESC is mounted to an external heatsink as well as using force fed water-cooling. Runs very cool and efficient. These are boards from the Flying Rodeo Canada project I teamed up on with David in Slovenia.

Hello Bufadore,

where did you get these connectors?

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QS-10 connectors. Also available at Off-shore electrics in Florida. Great plugs.

I don’t think you will find a commercial board for sale anywhere. There are a few sources on this forum. Use the search function and put in “Naples boards” for one source.

Thanks Not waterproof :pensive:

I contacted Noah and he is a nice guy, but just focused on selling a turnkey product. If I wanted a turnkey product I would have purchased one already. Those products are sold by companies that offer warranties and product support. A one man show is missing all those components.

I sent an offer for $1000 for a fiberglass board which wasn’t entertained. I don’t really buy into the carbon fiber hype.

I don’t trust the waterproofing on Noah’s hatch design. I would much rather purchase an EPS core foil SUP from a reputable manufacturer and create a battery bay.

Well, “turnkey product” is a bit of an overstatement. That’s like saying you don’t want to buy a commercially built foil because it’s “turnkey”. Efoils are a classic system of systems. Noah is simply selling one fully finished sub-system of an e-foil. In this case, it’s a board. The reason I decided to buy a board was that I like being on the water a whole lot better than being in my shop pouring resin. Boards take a metric crap-ton of time. Sure, I have a board that works just fine and I made in just a few hours (out of an old paddleboard), but it’s not going to win a beauty contest.
I figured even with a $2k carbon fiber board from Noah, I’m still under $4k and it will look and perform nearly as well as a high end commercial product.

If you need a front end of an 11’ SUP, let me know. I used the back half to build my board. The front end is just sitting in my shop hoping someone will give it a new lease on life.