Smaller Prop for 65161 200KV

Usually, we use the propellors from Frank from EML Store. These Propellors are for our applications, very powerful efficient and most of all extreme silent.

Now we have a new tow-boogie project with a 65161 200KV. Here we noticed that the Hyper Drive is too big and we cannot get over 1900 Watts. Simply we do not get to the maximum RPM (under water with load)

The battery we use: (13S10P 48v 35ahSamsung 3500mah cell, 100A BMS)

Do you guys have a design for a smaller prop, so we can max use our RPM?

THX for help!

Hi, cut it from a bigger prop, with lower diameter shape doesn’t makes so much difference

Use fliteboard propeller for example

Flite prop is 142mm diameter vs Hyperdrive 156mm

If your motor shaft is 12mm you have to ream the Flite out -1mm to get it to slide on. In the $50USA range.

Could you get 120kV motor? Or is there a reason why you are using a 200?

Ok, i could try. THX

We ussualy use 120KV (In the past also 100Kv)
Now for this Tow-Boogie project, which we also use as E-Surf for Kids, we wanted to try the 200KV.
When we take the prop half out of the water level, the RPM goes to the max and the power increases there where it should be (over 5200 Watts).
Once complete in the water, the load is too heavy…our prop (Hyper Drive) is too simply too big…

THX, that would make sense. Any link you could drop. that bwould be helpfull. THX

With motor current scaled proportional to the kV you’ll get same torque - so your 200kV motor will need 200kV/120kV*200A=333A to really match a maxed 120kV motor in torque. What i mean is that it can be done with the same prop - if you have a powerful esc?

Another thing:
I did some calculations in another post based on the chinese ”spec” sheets for the 6516x motor and it seems the 200kV motor might be less efficient than the others due to less copper fill percent in the stator slots. It’s probably not the best efoil motor kV to run due to this and the efficiency loss of a faster rotating smaller propeller - if you need that to get it to work.

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I don’t think this will help you as the flite propeller blade area is significantly larger than on the hyperdrive prop.

They are for sale on the Fliteboard site or a local Flite dealer might be able to sell one for less$

I didn’t realize the surface area of the Flite prop was greater than the Hyperdrive as @Larsb pointed out - sorry. You know that saying that “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. Well that’s me!:sunglasses: