Sniper's build with 56104 & neugart 5/1 esc yep 120

hello everybody !
it s my presentation …of course i use a translator …sorry …and i am not an enginerer :grin:but i like to diy and discover what i am able to do…

love kitesurf and snowbording when I saw the efoil how do not fall in love
I am one new french of 37years old who start the build in august after buying the kit motor gearbox esc on the forum who come from vefoil after corne_k who bought it but he can not finish it .
So it was time to me to try to do it…so i bought it!
I read a lot this forum since the begining two years ago but the price to get it there was to expensiv …10000 buck lol …
so i ve prefere test the eskate in one longboard with an old snowboard on 10 s lipo and inrunner motor and a second with 6364 brushless motor outrunner with 6s 50km/h it s awesome but efraid…
no error permised on the road…
I am a fpv drone racer so electronique, arduino or solder is not a problem …
I have start 3d printing the last years with a" crealityender 3" tuned who working great
I can t work on cnc and on cao because i have not the knowledge …but when i read the forum since jun i realise lot off word have been realized and it always stil in progress…
Thanks for all for the partage and the help …
It’s the pacificmeister project with a litle chang…

So the first part are arrived from newzeland to france yeah !
so place for first pics and works👌

rear mast clamp

100% infil 60 mm\s 0,16 mm layer mod creawesome cura pla

with petg 100 infill 0,16 mm layer no need polish

thanks manu for the stl gong foil mast clamp and all other stl file in all the forum

the low coast foil is come ! 250 euro

IMG_20190830_192018|690x388 good the clamp fit perfect happy with the stl file

the random color is for use old pla stock

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you paid only 250 Euro for the complete gong alvator? Mine was much more expensive, where did you buy it?

In france the good corner web site … not new but in exelent state and All i need 65 cm et le foil sup size L my weigt is 75 kg … Save buck

what bearing can you use for this 56104 because i have replace the occasíon motor bearings who was a little corrosion… its common skate size 608rs I use abec 11 stainless steel and ceramique ball…the old bearing sound very bad and now its very different😁
I hope it goes well

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This is The 10 years old ,carbonf fiber and 50 buck board what i bought i concerve the nose for testing … maybe cut it after i don t now if it s good or not…and i have to choice the rear form


The BIC Rock is a perfect choice IMHO due to its straight lines it is really fast with a ON/OFF take-off (tested personally). It doesn’t have much carbon fibre (reinforcement around mast and fin), mostly foam pressed between two skins of plastic (the famous Bic join).

Great i choose it because it was near ,not expensive and in good state but its a realy fiber board maybe a different model …look it is writed dessus kevlar carbon and ceramique …i know the 2 other but ceramique …i don t know were😃

A recent edition maybe. With which tool did you cut the board ?

Yes i don’t wanted pvc board for stratified the edges cut,i have cut the fiber easly with grinder with disk for metal all around and cut the internal foam with saw for wood, off course it is shaped after drill off all the holes.

here we are 5 month after lot of work for the board and it s not finish wow i am not fan off the litle carbon fibre who slide everywere in clothes .:laughing:…i m force to safety clothes and working the cut of the fibre outdoor for minimise the fiber part…pics work better than speach