SoCal Wing Foil spots - Not Surf Spots!

As is well known, it’s not cool to mention surf spots by name. So please don’t do that on this forum. However, wing foiling is more like putting a boat in and is less pressured by real estate and precious waves and take off spots. So, let’s talk about where you’re riding, if you are ok with some company.

If a spot deserves its own thread, make one and link it here or just post up something quick. Moderators can also move posts into their own thread if you need.

I’ve been learning at Belmont Shores in Long Beach (great spot, google the kiteboard launch and you’ll see it.) But I really wanted some flatter water to get the basics down. So I started looking for lakes.

Castaic Lake Lower Lagoon was my first stop (today.) There’s parking and an easy launch near the boat ramp, a small sand and gravel beach next to the ramp.

Parking is $11 and it’s $7 to launch a non-powered vessel (that’s what we are.) You must wear a PFD and a helmet is recommended. Apparently there was some confusion as to what these wing foils were so they banned it. I met a guy there today from up near Fresno (3.5 hrs one way, that’s hardcore) who came down and gave an info session to the lake manager and they opened it up. So don’t mess it up by running into the swim areas and such. There’s an LA County lifeguard on duty in a boat.

Also strange is that you have to get your “vessel” inspected when you come in. They are just checking that it’s dry. There are invasive mussels that are bad for CA lakes. They don’t live in salt water so no risk for surfers.

You’re only to launch at the ramp so if you’re doing the walk of shame maybe wait til you’re able to stay upwind. The lake runs North/South and the launch is at the SE corner. Prevailing winds seem WSW but the Santa Ana’s come down the other way and I got the early stages of those today. Too light, but a good warm sunny session. If you got stuck somewhere I’m sure they’d let you walk out but with North winds you’ll get blown back to the ramp.

Compared to the ocean sessions it was great for practice. Worst chop was maybe a foot. Word is, it white caps. But even that will be mellow compared to an ocean swell.

I can’t wait to get back on a good wind day.


What was the wind reading? Solid blow dryer wind? Or Swiss cheese with holes everywhere?

Other wind sports people around?

It’s LA so Swiss cheese but better than Belmont at times and steady when it was blowing at least for a bit.

It was too heavy earlier (they closed the lake!) and too light in the afternoon so I’m getting y people who know the spot stayed home. Just me and that one other winger. But he’d forgotten his phone he said so he just showed up (old school!)

I’ve seen guys on Instagram (@laspeed) and it’s listed as a wind surf spot. I’ll probably only hit it when I see 15+. The report was pretty accurate. As you know Belmont and up North are always stronger than the weather report out on the water. (The lake is inland and smaller so less water effect.)

Once I am stronger on foil I’ll probably do the upper lake too as long as it’s not crowded with Kenny Powers types in jet boats. (Summer lol) Pretty empty up there in winter which is nice.

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Has anyone eFoiled at Frank G Bonelli Park? How was the park? Did the park give you any problems? How was the wind?

I have ordered a Manta5 efoil bike. It’s arriving soon and I’m looking for places to ride. Any info and suggestions are appreciated!

I’ve not been there but it’s LA County so same fees and the rules look similar. I’d email them but pedal boats are rented there so?

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I will give them call and check it out when I get my bike. Then I will write up how it goes here.

Thanks man. I hit Castaic again this am. Got 15+mph, gusts to 19. Really fun and made great progress.

One note, the lifeguard said that they normally shut down the lake at 15mph wind. He let me in and I showed him how the wing works. He followed me for a while and then pulled up and said, “so you guys are really just getting going at 15, right?” So that was cool. I told him that most anyone would be cool at up to 25 and that more experienced riders want at least that.

He did mention that a guy was there a month ago with no leash and ripping across the lake and then crashing down and it concerned him. So wear a leash, a PFD, which is mandatory, and maybe a helmet to let them know we will be cool. I was in only a bump cap and he nodded when I showed him.

It’s very much a trial period so don’t mess it up for us. Check in, say hey, be safe. I told him I’d try to spread the word.

Hey, @Surfcowboy, it was nice meeting you at Castaic today. It was a fun 3rd time using my wing. In my 30 years of windsurfing, I never sailed Castaic. Since I started foiling (with windsurfing sails fist, now with a wing), I am totally addicted so any place I can practice works for me!

Regarding the topic of where to wing foil, my other two times where at Cabrillo Beach on the inside. It’s very flat and it’s easy to walk upwind if you need to, but there is quite a bit of seaweed which is annoying, especially at low tide. I regularly have seen more advanced people on the outside.


Thanks man! Great to meet you as well! Castaic has been a gift to us beginning wind guys.

You looked great out there, (that wind experience shows for sure.)

I didn’t realize Cabrillo had “an inside” that’s cool to know. I’ll have to check it out. I’ve been avoiding it til I could stay upwind solidly because of the outside and seawall. I’ll DM you and maybe we can meet up sometime.

Some shots of Cabrillo for the crew here. This makes sense now for anyone who can stay upwind at all.

One note for the LAFC Wing Division, it’s also a good spot for when it’s offshore. Worst case you’d have a long swim/stumble along the jetty but you won’t end up in Catalina. :rofl:

At Cabrillo on the inside, the wind typically blows out of the West from the beach towards the lighthouse, so you should try to start upwind by the beach just past the swim area (where the word “house” is on the map). Try to avoid drifting past where the lifeguard tower is (before the pier) if you want to be able to wade back upwind on your own (it’s shallow sand by the jetty). Worst case, the lifeguard do have a rescue boat that will tow you back in. They will make you fill some paperwork for their records :wink:

Thx for this. I’m good now as are a lot of the guys but thx for the info for those that follow.

Thank you all for sharing!

I personally hate the “don’t share surf spots” bullshit, it’s cliquey and discourages folks who didn’t have the privilege of growing up surfing or being invited in. I’m really glad the windsports community has evolved to be more inclusive and encourages new folks to get into the sport. Wing foilers in particular seem to support bringing new folks in and helping them have a safe and enjoyable learning experience.

I live on my sailboat in Marina Del Rey and have been out a few times in the marina, Mother’s Beach in D basin explicitly permits windsurfing and it’s very flat, but also quite sheltered from the wind. It’s been a great spot for me to practice taxiing around and manipulating the wing. If the wind picked up enough or I had a 7m wing I might be able to foil there with my 2400sqcm front wing.
I have tacked my way up there (non-foiling) across the main channel and nobody’s hassled me and I’ve seen a few people pump foiling around the marina so I don’t think it’s completely off-limits to wing foiling but there’s enough boat traffic most days that unless you’re confident you won’t crash at an inopportune time it wouldn’t be advisable.

The breakwater for MDR extends a bit north and south of the entrance, and both areas have a bit of room that’s partially protected from the swell but fully exposed to the wind. My first time foiling was behind a dinghy just outside the south entrance to the marina, it was a relatively windy day so there was still some chop but I was able to get up on foil and partially control it.

Any other spots out there for newbies to practice? I’m game to meet up with folks and share tips/trade turns on equipment.

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New Spot - Lake Piru

We’ve been hitting it for almost a year now. Great place. Here’s the rundown.

$18 with parking and launch fee. Camping available.

Best wind is South. Way more reliable than Castaic in Summer. Water and air are warm from June til Oct. No wetsuit needed from July to Oct for most folks. Winter is cold!!!

Rules: Launch where the boat ramp is. Stay out of the way of launching boats. You can use the old ramp that’s 100ft North of the new ramp or the dirt next to the ramp. If you are on the dock, please stay off the north half which is where the boat rental operates. If the water is low you can walk out on the road by the point. That usually is exposed by July.

PDF’s mandatory!! Helmets encouraged.

Wind is best up by the DAM or further North but if you are new avoid that as you can get stuck with a long walk/paddle back. There can be lulls in the middle but that’s winging, right?

Great family vibe on land. Friendly staff (let’s keep it that way, be cool.) And great safe place to learn to wing.