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Can you please share, if you know the specs of the efoil chargers.
With some friends we want to calculate how will be possible to charge the boards with solar power.
I suppose these specs are different for the different brands Lift , Flite etc…, but any info will be useful.

Most batteries are in the 1200-2000wh range. I charge my 1700wh battery in about 2 hours with my 60v 15A charger

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58,8v 20A is nice …

Custom delta charger

Thanks for the answer, this will help.
Does Lift, Flite, Takuma, etc. come with a 60V charger?
Asking because the most powerfull single solar panels that I know have 48V output. It can be stepped up but there will be loses and the calculation about the expected charging time will be more complex.

lift and flite are 58.8v
better to use 2-3 big 12v boat battery in your trunk to charge the efoil battery on place , solar charger will take forever

These flexible solar panels can be rolled up and carried in a 5 gal bucket. 57.9 volts, 5.71 amps

Look at this on eBay

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