SOLD Selling our (never opened) quality parts!

UPDATE: We have soled the setup as a whole to a German Foiler :slight_smile: We wish him much fun with the parts. We decided to keep this thread alive, in case that someone needs a parts list and links to the shops.


Dear Community,

2 friends and me had the dream to build our own Efoil. Unfornuately live plays sometimes different. One got a newborn and the other had to move away. After a long time of research and planning we were forced to give up even before we had started. For that reason we are selling our parts which we had bought, waited sometimes for weeks and still sealed … :frowning:

In the picture you will find every single part which is needed to build an Efoil except the board!

We can send you close ups of parts if you wish!

We have some really good quality parts like Amphenol Connectors and original Samsung Lithium batteries. And of course we include the invoices.

Please contact me per WhatsApp (004916099452103) or in the forum if you are interested in the parts. We are from Germany in case if you want too pick up some stuff. We hope for fair offers :slight_smile:

  1. Connectors
  1. Batteries (battery holders included)
  1. Motor
  1. VESC
  1. Anti-Spark Switch
  1. TFT Display
  1. Remote (not watertight)
  1. Stuff

Why stop short? You have done the hardest part of research and patience of sourcing all the parts!

I assume you are trying to sell everything together? If you are willing to part it out I would be interested. Also, would you be willing to ship to the USA? Can you post your answer on here? If yes to both, I’ll PM you. Thanks. -Marc .

The project was meant for us to spare more time together and work on a project together in our freetime. You are absolutely right. Research and shipment was the painful part. But there is no point for me to assemble this by my own.

Yes we are shipping to US. In fact another foiler from California had asked me. He and also one guy from Germany are interested in the whole setup. If they won’t take it as a whole I will let you know.

The shipment for the whole setup (roughly 15 - 18 kg) was about 74 € including tracking and insurance up to 500 €. Do you already know which parts you would like to have. One other guy wants the motor and the 8AWG cables.

Do you sell the amphenol plugs seperately?