Source of my inflatable board

The photos of this dealer shows inflatable Boards with the hole much more in the middle (which is bad). Mine has the hole much more in the back.

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Here is the actual size of the board. It is 160 cm long. Please note that it is not fully blown up.

Looks very good with the cut out going far back, will make excellent base for build!
Did you pay customs+tax on top of the 326$?

I am not sure. But I think that there were no taxes on top. I am 70% sure. I looked it up but couldn’t find anything.

This board is pretty awesome. I wasn’t able to follow your link to the board. Is this off aliexpress or alibaba?

Would consider picking one up. How are you thinking to build the center box?


I bought it on Alibaba.

Here is work in progress of the box - yes, looks very homemade. Not too sophisticated.

This week, 4 months after the purchase, FedEx send the invoice for the tax: 34 Euros tax and 10 Euros handling.

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Hi, are you going to pay It?

I reciebed another one like you.


I think you don’t have a choice.
I paid of course.

Hi! Do you have sizes of your box? I bought the same board and now thinking about best solution for the box…

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Hi. How did you source yours ?

I was worried to source one as there are many options and I didn’t want to be sent the wrong thing. Got a name or a spec you sent to the company to ensure you got the right thing ?


Here are some actual pics. It is trial an error. I will mount the wing on the very backside. So water leakage won’t hit the battery or the ESC compartment.

It is a really slow built. On average 2 hours per week - unfortunately.



Hi) I just wrote to the manufacturer (on Alibaba) and sent them a photo. Just search UC Sport ( Hangzhou ) Co Ltd
Christof, thanks a lot for photos and sizes!