Source recommendation for tinned copper marine wire

Hi everybod! Great site! This is my first post…

I saw some question about sources for good quality wire that can handle the high amperage for these projects. I recently finished re-wiring an entire 37-foot sailboat, which is a very expensive project, including battery and windlass cables that carry high loads over long distances.

The standard for boats is tinned copper marine wire. Unlike terrestrial wire, the insulation doesn’t absorb or wick moisture, and the tinning prevents the copper from corroding nearly as fast in salt water as bare copper. The standard brand, Ancor, is crazy expensive from West Marine, etc… I bought all mine, which seems to be a very good quality,much less expensive clone of Ancor, from the weirdly-named site, Genuinedealz:

They sell wire by the foot, in every guage, in multiple colors, and all the connectors, too. The also have some usefu bulkhead connectors, and potentially-useful fuse solutions. The’ll also build custom crimped cables to your spec, if you are lazy :slight_smile:


Wow great site, lots of quality parts which is the key… tough to get quality on ebay and amazon, thanks for sharing! Oya, WELCOME TO THE FORUM!