spaRTan's winter build

hi folks,

i’ve got a strong kiteboarding and not yet so strong sailing background and i love being on (or above) the water.
after deciding to build my very own efoil i’ve found tons and tons of info on this great forum. :+1:
some things will be done according to best practices, some things will be done differently.

so here we go:

  • Flipsky 65161 120KV direct drive
  • custom mast clamp with RWM (rapid water movement :laughing:) cooling effect
  • Flipsky FSESC 60200 water cooled VESC6
  • Sanyo/Panasonic NCR18650GA 12S12P resulting in ~40Ah, no internal BMS
  • RLBoards wings, fuselage, mast and plate
  • custom remote based on a mixture of different remote projects
  • custom shortboard in the 125x60x12 range (maybe 140x60 if it feels too short)
  • all nice 16mm² (a bit more than 6 gauge) silicon wires (it’s been a huge PITA to get those :flushed:)
  • XT150 connectors

i’ve got no idea what prop I’m gonna use. as i’ve designed some folding props for sailboats maybe i’ll go that way and design something myself. as i’ve used Autodesk CFD2019 for simulation purposes maybe i’ll give it a try in terms of optimization (although i don’t like it that much :persevere:).

delivery of my propulsion unit will take a while. but not all hope is lost. today my RLBoards stuff arrived and it’s magnificent (Azshara-quote - i know… :wink:):

they even supply tools. nice job RLBoards. :+1:

i’m unsure what to do with the mast. maybe i’ll wrap it in some really crazy color. i’ll get a second mast and try a shorter attachment for the motor.

as “winter is coming” i’ve got plenty of time to finish my project - but i think i’ll keep on pushing as i’ve got a drysuit and there has been a crazy video of a forum member “cutting the ice”…

i’ll keep you updated. :newspaper_roll:


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I Like. I Also did start in Winter 1y ago. Good luck!


today i’ve started to build the remote.
after thinking about getting the Maytech i’ve noticed that i can do that better.

i’m going the Arduino Nano IOT way and i’ll use BLE for the connection.
i’ve completed the Arduino side of things - next i need to check the UART connection to the VESC.
as the RollingGecko project is (more or less) discontinued i’ll have to check what needs to be done to adjust it for my purpose.
right now i’m waiting for my motor and ESC to continue work.

for the display i’m gonna use a 1.5" epaper- or OLED-display.

i hope to provide some pictures at the end of the week. :smiley:

Will be interesting to see your approach to build a remote. Epaper might be too slow, they usually take 2s for a full refresh and some 1/10s for partial refresh.
Oled is faster but I‘m having trouble with brightness, hard to read in sunlight.

that’s exactly why i want to try both. Waveshare’s specs show a 1s full-display refresh time BUT they also mention that no refresh is possible in direct sunlight. and hey - that’s where we want to ride… :upside_down_face:

in the end the main purpose of the display is to show remaining battery. thus update cycles don’t have to be fast. we’ll see. i’ll keep you posted. :sunglasses: