Speed-power characteristic (Analyze)

Hi, I’m busy with the right purchase of an Efoil engine. Since I have a little more weight (120 KG) than most of the others here, I will probably need a transmission engine. In order to find the right engine, I would need the dealer to know the
Speed-power characteristic (Analyze) which is likely to be dependent on the propeller.
Is there someone here who has already passed such tests?

Average numbers for me for 85kg ,around 1500w for 20km/h , 2800w for start and 30km/h ( same geared and direct drive )

For 120kg , I would say aim for at least 4000w with 30% drop rpm on load , 15% propeller slip for the pitch and a ratio 1,2-1,5

Sss56104 motor have a torque around 2,2Nm

You can easily get enough torque out of a 80100 motor to get going even with the 120kg weight.