SPINTEND 75V | 100A x 2 Motor Ctrlr Ubox based on VESC + Uni1 remote

Pointed by @Tailele

200usd/230usd without/with Uni1 skate remote

Any comments about using only one side of this nicely cased dual VESC: budget high voltage but not much 100A current ? Receiver is included in ESC alu case (145 x 83 x 25mm) Would fit above a mast plate. Remote is nice but needs waterproofing.
MakerX Go-FOC HI200 75V 200A seems to be stronger.

Esk8 first comments: Spintend Ubox 75/200 dual motor controller / The budget high voltage esc alternative?! - Guides, Support, & General Questions - esk8.news: DIY Electric Skateboard Forums


It is missing some power and I doubt the 100A are really achievable as the values they give are always a bit higher…
Anyone ever tried the dual channels on same motor in parallel? what happens?

John Lee, Spintend designer, introducing himself and both his products Ubox ESC and Uni1 remote. Not sure we can waterproof this remote correctly (wheel button).
Among the interesting features this ESC has a built-in receiver matching the remote plus a built-in antispark switch.

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