Spots for efoiling around London UK

Hi All,

I’ve just joined, I’m hopefully getting delivery of a Waydoo in January

Just wondering if there’s anyone out there with any tips on good locations - ideally south/west of London?

All the best


Above Teddington lock is really nice. Non-tidal section of the Thames. I normally ride between Richmond and Kingston bridge.

Hi Jezza

Thanks for getting back to me, yes that would be a good stretch.

My kids saw someone riding above Molesey lock, I’ve also heard of someone down at Putney.

Any issues with river police?

Putney would be easiest for me, would need to get the tide right though.

The water quality in Putney is pretty grim and there are loads of logs and other crap that float around. You get maybe do it on the low tide, but Richmond and Kingston are much nicer and cleaner.

I’m always careful with river police. So I normally drop the foil and decrease my speed right down so they don’t think I’m speeding.

hi Jezza/Burf - keen to go foiling in London near Richmond/Kingston also. Do you know if it is strictly speaking illegal? Reason I ask if I don’t want to get a foil (super expensive) if the police constantly tell me to pack it up? Thanks

Strictly speaking it’s probably a grey area…
When you take into account the speed limits in many areas (on any lakes/rivers in the world), most of the time efoils break those…
However when I foil I just respect other water users, animals and stick to the correct sides of the river. If I see the PLA (Port of London Authority) I drop the off the foil and just sit until they pass so that I don’t create a spectacle. Riding sensibly shouldn’t create much of an issue at all.
You need to be wary of rowers, they like to report people for not abiding to river codes (even though half the time they don’t).
If you DIY a unit it’s a lot cheaper and also very easy to sell if you do find you chased off…

thanks Jezza - the water police actually came and stopped me. Bit frustrating, but they were nice enough about it. Said the river had been closed for the BBC thing…

What BBC thing? Generally the PLA are pretty decent. They don’t seem to be out to stop people having fun…