SSS 56104 | Brushless

Hi , can you tell me the maximum speed reached by the engine SSS 56104 | Brushless?

So far iam informed right the max Speed is way to fast. So you dont need 11kw for foiling If you wanna use a kiteboard. When you use the SSS 56104 with a 43Volt and 85 Amper power supply your max Power will be 3,6kw . And this is enough Power ,combined with the right prob and Gear, for 35km/h.

I want to make an electric surfboard, I think they are the same electronic components that you use here.

what has been done so far , for a e-surfboard ( windsurf) with 56104:

  • 56104 with gearbox (reisenauer chief) and 110mm propeller is +50km/h
  • 56104 with jetdrive: around 20-25 km/h

the problem with 56104 is the lack of torque, but 2 x 56104 with 2 jetdrive around 50mm will be fun

where can I buy the suggested guearbox to reach 50km / h?
can you send some link with the specifications?

Motor: Inrunner BL Motor SSS 56104/790KV / 9D
ESC: Swordfish Pro+ 300 A 15s
Planetary Gear: Reisenauer 5:1
Battery: Samsung 18650 30Q 12s18p, 44.4 V, 54 Ah (2.4 kWh), BMS (charging only)
Propeller: Cleaver 3 blade, diameter: 110 mm, pitch: 143 mm, material: steel
Construction: CNC machined aluminium torpedo, shaft, handmade carbon support
Surfboard: Old wind-surfboard F2

Onboard Electronics:
DIY Control board: Teensy 3.2, DC-DC converter, SD card logger, led controller, receiver 2.4 Ghz NRF24L01+, GPS etc.
DIY Power board: Atmega32u4, Nfets as ‘kill switch’, temperature sensors, hall effect current sensor, voltage measuring, connected to control board.
DIY Handcontroller: Teensy 3.2, hall effect thumb throttle, transmitter 2.4 Ghz NRF24L01+.

Max Power: 9.8 kW (205 A @ 46.7 V)
Max Speed: ca. 44 km/h (probably higher as max throttle was never applied for a longer time than 2s)
Max RPM (prop) : 6800 rpm
Planning speed: ca. 20-25 km/h
Power @ planning speed: ca. 3.2 kW



flange for 56104:

you need to rework the motor shaft to 5mm diameter, and it needs to be at least 22mm long to glue the pinion on it

propeller ? on shop in uk who made theses closed back in 2017 but i guess it can be made or fund else where

good luck :wink:


Ohh thanks!!
I already bought the HobbyWing SeaKing V3 130A BL Motor ESC, do you think I can get a good performance with it?

for a e-foil yes for a e-surf no way
this set up will use big amp, so you need a good esc and a big custom battery

it will cost you money to make something nice, so spend it at the beginning , look more for a alienpowersystem 400A esc or mgn esc (used for jetsurfboard)

he is talking about 205A…and 216 30q cells

first find the propeller, estimated the rpm for desired speed (40km/h) with the pitch (including around 30% loose), you get the kv of the motor and the gearbox ratio 5:1 or 6:1 (for a 12s battery)
find this motor, here a 790kv is used
look at motor data and buy a esc than can handle the amp x1.5 or 2 times
get a couple of 18650 or lipo if you like fire

open your wallet :thinking: and get the onean e-surfboard :joy:

not seriously i wanted to built one 3 years ago and i jumped directly to a e-foil (more efficient)

I really want to make my own.

You think this engine , and this esc, can work well? or do you suggest buying some other motor?

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for me it looks good
the 790KV is depending on the propeller pitch ( will have to be around 125-145mm i guess with a 5:1 gearbox), it is easer to find the motor then the propeller…

@Flying_Rodeo is selling the shaft for this gearbox, and his foil propeller 4 blades may worked for you , in that case you will need a lower kv motor since his propeller has probably a higher pitch , i measured the pitch of the 3 blades , but i don’t know for 4 blades…

asking me before buying your motor

You said that in the video you used 205 A
but this 790KV engine has the maximum power of 178 A, I think it might be a different model.
in my country all these things are difficult to find, the only solution is to import.

178A of " mecanical power potential" at max before overheating, i can pull a lot more (that is why esc burn)

you will have the power with the motor and the torque with the gearbox, the game is have the right propeller to convert these in thrust, the rest is just wasted in heat

can u show me a exemple of propeller on ebay or other website , is like this? i could not find with “mm”

this one is 9x9 , the first number is diameter then pitch (x2.54) so this is 228mm diameter with a 228 pitch, way to big, you don’t push a boat but a surfboard

in the video they used a cleaver propeller probably for racing big RC boat, sorry but not link to any propeller to suit a surfboard, you don’t find a steel propeller for 7000rpm at the corner shop, most of the time it is custom made

ask @Flying_Rodeo

or just make yours

or this one :élices-et-dérives/hélice-v10-p350-ultralight/1912-00.html

best match, you get 10km/h for 350W at around 1100RPM, so with a 500KV you may get around 35-40km/h but i think it is too big and “plastic” , i am not a expert with propeller …

I’ll buy different models and see which one gets better.
Does this “ESC” support 2 motors?

look at the mgn esc and the new trampa 300A/75v, they have nice feature and you can control the load on the motor and the battery

some esc (twin) can run 2 motors, but i think it is better to have one controller for one motor

I’m going to look for these esc controllers.
I am thinking of using jetdrive for safety and avoid breaking on rocks, I will use it in rivers.
Do you know where to find the jetdrivers? or how to do it,
I found a very expensive website, I wanted more options

i suppose you are talking abount this one:

not many more option , only a few people have built one, and this is a efoil forum, you will not find much informations here i think

built one will cost money and keep it working even more (battery…)

so mhz are selling bullet proof products, and there is a price for that

for 40km/h under 4500€ of products is going to be hard…

If you want a jetdrive, the cheapest option would be to get 2 units from
The units are 50mm jest and enable you to use smaller ESC’s and motors that make the setup more cost effective. He will provide a fully tested spec for the buyers of the jets once testing is finished.

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This one is also good :wink: