SSS 56104 burned out?

I live in France and I was an new happy efoiler until my engine fails last week end.
I built an efoil with the valuable Pacificmeister instructions (thanks a lot for open source).
My electric hydrofoil was powered by SSS 56104 500KV motor with 5:1 gearbox, Seaking 130A, 12s pack and 100v/100A circuit breaker, but only the motor burned. After disassembly, no problem with the other items.
I don’t know how there could have been an overload ? manufacturing defect ?
I hoped more reliability for the motor … ( 13 000 W ? )
Did anyone have the same problem?
Thank you.

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Maybe insufficient heat transfer to the aluminum tube and/or wrong motor timing?

The default setting for timing is 15°… Is it the best setting ? I am not sure.

I don’t have this motor yet, but given its 6 poles I would consider 0 - 5° to be more suitable. 15° could produce more heat. Did you use thermal compound around the motor? Does it sit flush with the tube or does it maybe have to much air around?

It looks like the insulation on the motor windings got too hot and thus the windings shorted out. I would recommend checking the temperature of the windings with a small temperature sensor glued to them. And as the others have suggested, make sure the heat transfer away from the motor is good.

I have never been able to pin down exactly what company manufactures these particular motors. I have also seen them for sale with different markings and connecting wires which caused me to wonder if they are made by more than one manufacturer. And if so is the quality the same? Since so many of us depend on them it would be nice to know more about their origin.

Motor2 Motor1


I thougt i carefully ajusted the aluminium tube, i will use better thermal compound.

I share your question.

Could it be this one on–powerful–inrunner–brushless–motor–for&spm=a2700.8443308.0.0.3cbc3e5fPFgsp6&detailId=60759444825&redirect=1

I agree, 0-5% is all you want or the motor will melt down for our use. 15° things get hot SUPER fast, not good.

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I will apply your advice for next motors … and hope no more failure :wink:
Will the performances be modified with 5 ° ?
Do we have another choice that the empirical method ?

Stay with 0° first, the motor will run just fine with it. There should not be any performance decrease, RPM are a bit lower but you get more torque.

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I’m having same problem. Insufficient heat transfer from windings to motor case. I’m going to fill my motor with mineral oil to facilitate heat transfer. I actually did this to a brushed DC motor (a trolling motor) and it seems to work great. Doesn’t cause corrosion or conduct electricity…