Sss 56114 motor esc

Hi guys.
I bought sss 56114 motor from aliexpress.
To test the motor i tried to connect to the flycolor 150A esc with 6s lipo. unfortunately it doesn’t work. I can just hear the beeping sounds only. So pls tell me If you guys know how to fix this problem. And im trying to buy seaking 130A 12s esc. Has anyone ever tried sss 56114 and seaking 150A? Thank you :slight_smile::slight_smile:

I am not an expert in esc but in my opinion you need to set your esc with your cell number lipo via a box or the computer on the models of esc …

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may be pairing problem
connect the battery esc and motor and the receiver
make sure that the receiver is on, may be need another power supply 5-6v or ubec from the 6S (this esc seems to have a BEC so no need to have a extra power supply for the receiver)
press the trigger full throttle and swich on the remote
waiting the beepings sounds of the motor to change (2-3 sec)
then let got the trigger of the remote, 2-3 beepings faster usually
then try to see if it is running

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does the ESC havee a bec? I had the same issue when i had the rx plugged into the esc, but I didn’t realised it wasn’t powered due to no BEC on the esc.

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Oh ya. i think there’s no bec on it.
Esc is quite complicated…:frowning:

Tnx Alex.
I tried just like you told me but still it’s not working.
This is driving me crazy. Cause when i bind my remote with receiver. i can here the beeping sounds from the motor but not working…:frowning:

so the remonte is binding ?

maybe a calibration endpoint? is it boat esc ? what type of remote do you use ?

try to play with the adjust max throttle button, and on start try to bind full throttle forward then full backward

add the same problem with a eskate remonte and a aquastar boat esc

Yes. Alexandre Flycolor 150A is boat esc
And Im using AX5S for the remote
I tried everything u told me but still the same
:frowning_face: i think ma esc doesn’t fit on this sss motor…h

Thanks :smile:

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I am not a expert by i think you can make at least run any motor with any esc
I was wrong you need to turn on first the remonte than then esc

But if it is not working then it is not , maybe the esc or the motor
Last try remonte on with thorttle adjust to max or min, trigger full back then power on the esc and let go the trigger

Default setting on timing is 15 , it might be to much for sss , not sure this make a difference on start…

( you used the right channel on the receiver?)

Good luck and i know how it can be frustating

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First I truly appreciate your help.

Actually i used the right channel for this
Think the problem is on the esc so i will buy a new
I am sorry to ask you so much. If u are ok pls recommend any othe esc that fits on sss.
Tnx :blush:

I’m using a Flier 200A 16s Boat version, don’t know how good is that but no problem of coupling with any receiver. I had that stupid sound and hours wasted trying set up etc with a cheap HobbyKing crap, purchased just for tests. I use SSS360 as well.

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I see.
Than It’s better for me to buy a new esc…
I’ll look for it
tnx for the informations Mab :slight_smile:

MaB Is this Flier 200A 16s esc include bec too?

I know you wrote that it was the right channel, but it really sounds like you are using the wrong receiver port. Which receiver model is this ?