SSS 56114 with internal thrust bearing

As I am designing a new jet, and wanted it as simple as possible, specially fast change of impeller, I opened my SSS motor today to check if it is possible to fit a thrust bearing inside.

It works.

As my bearing was 9mm wide, But the brass distance only had 7mm I needed to machine the aluminium spacer a little. I tried to take it of, but it is glued. The screw are machined a little , but can not fall out. The rear shield has a 0,5mm high rib around the bearing, so the second part of bearing has perfect seat.
I think there are thrust bearings availible with only 5,5-6mm height. Then it should be possible without machining.
Testing soon


How did you get the back plate off the motor housing? Mine wont come off.

What RPM are those thrust bearings rated to? How are you going to lubricate it?

The backplate came off after some gentle hits with small hammer from inside. Very liitle force needed. It is stuck because of some glue from the screws.
This one is rated 15krpm, but this is industrial style, means 20.000+ hours of lifetime. My motor is 22000 no load rpm, and maybe 17-18 under load. So there will be no problem.
Lubricating can be done through the holes in the rear shield

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Do you recall what the dimensions of the stock bearings were?

I think it was 608ZZ

Stock bearing on a SSS 56114 is 6900. The dimensions of the bearing are 10x22x6