Sss 5694/800kv and Hobbywing Seaking V3 180A ESC

Hello friends,
I have a 5694 800kv motor and for this I bought Hobbywing Seaking V3 180A esc. I have a few questions

  1. Is motor and esc selection correct? Can I fly with these two devices?
  2. how many volt batteries would you recommend for this?
  3. Do you think I need to use a reducer?
    thank you in advance to everyone

Yes you need a gear reducer depending on the voltage. As your ESC is 6S only, 1:3 or 1:4 might be a good choice.
6x3.8Vx800/4=4560rpm, with 1:3= 6000rpm.
Props for that range are available, either printable or maschined in aluminium (FR). All in all it is not an ideal setup, 6S works for light persons (60kg) but for a heavier person it might be hard to takeoff. Better use a direct drive 65161/65162 motor and an ESC that supports 12 or 14S. Waterprooved 63100 130KV should also work. Geared is a hassle to build with couplers and waterprooving of the tube and shaft. Spend some time reading the forum, it is full of information and proven setups.

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Thank you very much for your reply
My English is bad, there are two things I don’t understand

  1. If I use 12 s battery, can I use the motor without reducer 12x3,8x800 / 4 = 912rpm
  2. 65161 100 kv motor becomes 12x3,8x100 / 4 = 1140 rpm. If 1140 rpm is enough what is 4600 rpm not enough

With the 65161 you won’t need a reducer. The prop is placed directly on the motor shaft. Very simple design.

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Yes direct drive without planetary gear reducer, 120KV is recommended, but you need a different ESC. Recommended RPM for our application is between 3500 and 6000, because if you go higher it is less efficient and you get cavitation, if you go lower you need a motor with very high torque and a bigger prop which means a longer mast because the prop needs more space to stay below the water surface.

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Can I say that we need 3500-6000 rpm to be able to fly surf.
So 3500 Rpm is how many N.m

With the appropriate propeller you can fly within this range but you need to make sure the prop can get close to that speed under load, not only in the air.
65162 claims to have 9NM @60% speed

Read the forum, it is all there.

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thank you so much You are so kind