Stab/wing combinations

I’ve been playing around with diy stabs, the stab really has a huge effect on the riding. I did five or six diy ones with different types of tough riding as result… Yesterday i tried a combination of Gong curve LT wing with Curve pro 43cm stab and it was so much nicer than with the previous 45cm “rise” stab i’ve used.

To me it seems that the recommendations for beginners seem wrong, the rise XXL wing i started with (on recommendation from Gong) is harder to efoil than the curve LT since it moves like a slow truck, and the curve pro stab just feels better and so natural in combination with the curve LT wing. To me it seems that wings and stabs really can be too stable.

Do you guys have the same experience? What’s your favourite wing stab combination for the efoil?