Stabilized E-Foil That actually works-

I came across this on instagram:

Has anyone already seen it?
Yet another hoax or this is the real deal ?

The design looks really cool and aerodynamic. I wonder if my grandma can e-foil on this.

That is clever, looks like they got an elevator and a rudder on there… I thought it would be fun to make a little RC one you could drive around the lake.

I bet you could use ardupilot and hack something together to make it ‘fly’ with some gyro assist type features. Bonus points for putting a Optical Flow sensor on there that can handle water on the sensor.

Easy for it to balance with low weight. It will be interesting to see what happens when a human is on it!

Think the Neocean Overboat also have a computer balanced foil wing( dont know how it operates though) . Ailerons on foils is not as such a new thing if that is how the levelfoil works. Interesting with new implementations anyway.

Looks like this project from a couple years ago:

Also same thing here: Taaroa iUP, surf/sup foil with GBS, IA driven - Info for the DiYer
In principle there is no big problem to make an electronic e-foil. You need control system and mechanics. So this thing definitely works, but might not be working so good with ride on top.
I‘m currently constructing Proof-of-Concept of similar thing and have created topic here: Hydrofoil with active height control