Starboard Isonic 111L board?

Hi guys
I got a 2009 Starboard Isonic 111L board on my hands for 140 EUR. It is 235x69cm in size, and in think i will cut it in lenght to About 180-200cm.

What Do you Think of it for an efoil?

Im a bit heavy now a days, 95kg. Do you Think the volume is to top small?

Hi! I think thats a great board. My only worry would be the thickness, or more the lack of it. Before you cut, look at the rocker you want to minimize rocker so you dont travel “nose up” when foiling.

So you want as flat a board as possible?

the mast needs to be at 90° to the surface where your feet will be , easier this way, depending of the shape of the board and the rocker, it is hard to find something really “flat”, look at my build , i added a 4° plate to my first board

depending on your skills, i will not cut this board shorter, it will be easier to learn, my first board was long , i was happy i didn’t cut it at the time, even with strong wind didn’t change anything

Thank you so much for your input Alexandre!

As far as i can see from pictures, the Starboard isonic is a pretty flat board, with a small rocker in the front third of the board.

Maybe i will keep the length of the board for now - simplifies the build a lot and shortens the time until I can hit the water - hopefully before the summer ends here in Denmark :slight_smile: