Strange Problem with Metr and vesc 75/300R3

I can not get Metr working correctly with the 75/300 R3 properly.
Up to end june i used 2 R2 versions where I flashed the inbuilt BLE away using @Trampa guide. It worked flawlessly together with the maytech v2. PPM+Uart setting of course and disabling permanent UART.
Due to my 3 tragic Vesc failures I’ve run 2 R3 versions since beginning of july. These have inbuilt NRF and no NRF port to connect from.
Anyways I get Uart data into Metr as long as the maytech remote is off. 1s after I switch it on data freezes and I get no updates. First I thought it was 2,4Ghz disturbance, but the Metr connect indicator stays on.
Could the PPM potentially disturb the UART?

Discussed with Trampa tecnician over phone, but got verbal answer that he did not know what UART is and that their knowledge was limtws to Vesc6 so dead end.

Have tried 2 Metr’s and 2 Maytechs 2, same problem.

Anybody with similar combo or issues?

Example of My metr logs
Very hard to optimize equipment without power usage feedback.

You can run debug screen on app to see happens when you switch the remonte on connection ON doesn’t mean anything , I had disturbance with the internal BT on the R1

  • show logs ( tells you what is going on )
  • magic / developer mode

You can also check if the did the update ( supposed to do itseft for the last one : firmware and communication module protocole, but you can force it
You can try to downgrade the firmware of the vesc
You can put a magnet on the signal wires PPM …

You need to empty the internal NRF.
Hook the VESC up to VESC-Tool, go to SWD Prog tab, hit Connect NRF5x, after having a connection hit erase.

Thanks, yes Dave told me over phone. Did this some weeks ago.

Problem is now solved. I do not know if its Vesc UART issue or BT disturbance from Maytech but changing UART from 115200->9600 baud made it stable.
I’m a happy camper now!

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I had also problems with my Tampra 75/300 and the Pro Dongle together with my cheap 30$ Remote.

I can successfully connect the Dongle with my metr App, I got Battery status and some data’s.
When I drove a short way and stop to check I see that my Apo has disconnected.
And, I can’t reconnect again.
I must stop the App Task and start it new, after theme I can connect again and for some Data.
I drove again a round and checked again, same problem :thinking:

Yesterday i tested it again.
I switched of the permanent UART in metr Expert Settings and did a testride.
Same problem, i lose the connection and still not got data from my Dongle to the metr App