Stripped screw HELP!

Hello all,

So I’ve been riding my new set up for a little bit now and it is working great!

Long story short, after my last ride, I was hearing some dangling in the prop. It felt and sounded like I broke the prop pin. Therefore, I tried to take off the prop but the screw was stuck. I tried and tried. I put some WD40 and gave it a couple hammer hit on the driver and nothing. I ended stripping the damn screw and now I’m not sure how to proceed. Please help! Breaking the screw head will be hard but might be possible. However, keep in mind that I need to take off the leftover screw at some point since it goes into the shaft.

Any suggestions is appreciated! Thanks! And always use too much Vaseline lol stay safe guys!

You should use a screw extractor like this:

It removes the screw without damaging the threads

I think you can find cheaper ones on aliexpress or alibaba

give more time for the WD40 to soak in…

I had some success using a torx bit too big… take the first size above and hammer it in…

Other nice tool is a manual impact driver.

when you hit the back with a hammer, it produce a high torq and usually get stuck screws moving… it saved me a couple time to get the screw holding my foil wings out… they get stuck after being installed a long time and using it regularly in salt water…

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did you turn in the correct direction?? Maybe it is lefthand.

I can recommend @Efoil_hu solution above. Always works for me. Great little set to have in the tool kit

hello,I will pierce the head of the screw to remove the propeller then I will loosen the rest of the screw with a vise grip!

It is a regular screw, I asked David to be sure!

For FR motors which are so flush that there is no space between the duct base and the propeller, so with a broken pin, how to prevent the rotor from turning when you apply a counter torque to unscrew the screw leftovers ? If blocking the shaft/rotor is impossible, it will be difficult to either drill the screw head (requires axial precision to preserve the propeller) or use a screw extractor (simple with quasi guaranteed result) . Then sacrificing the 150USD propeller will be the only option to save the 1500USD motor.
For 65150 motors, the lesson of this misadventure is that, right under a splitable two-part fairing between motor and propeller, to block the shaft in rotation we could either:

  • drill a waiting hole in the shaft to receive a holdable pin or nail,
  • make a flat for a vise grip.

I will try @Mat solutions since the screw is not only stripped but it is also stuck. I’m hoping the impact driver will help dislodge it. However, if that doesnt work, I will get the bits suggested by @Efoil_hu. I will keep you guys updated! Thank you for all your responses!

Damned, how annoying!!!

It is glued and take a part of the prop so you can drill and pop the head of the screw ( remind me when I drill camshaft screw on subaru engine for hours …)
Short high heat ( just need to cook the glue , and cool every with cold water for the the shaft seal ) and @Mat solution ( gentle hammer torx)

Do you have a torx bit set with you? I’m not sure what size I’d need for the job.

Take care if you heat the prop. It’s been hard anodized and this surface treatment might crack under high temperature.

Alright so I tried mat’s technique and my “impact” torx bit crumbled when I tried to hammer them in. Therefore, I wasnt even able to use the impact driver. I think I will get a stripped screws removal kit like posted above and try that out with a drill. This is a pretty sh*tty situation. I dont understand why it is stuck so badly. I went foiling maybe 6 times in salt water and now it is stuck like cement. That can’t be it. I doubt that it is glued because I removed it before and it was fine. If the removal kit doesnt work, I guess Ill have to drill through the screw and butcher it a little lol. I’m still open for suggestions. David recommended a welding job but in Miami that will set me back a lot most likely.

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The screw is made out of stainless steel, same as the shaft.
This combination is known for blocking easily, especially when in salt water.
If you find a way to unlock it, you should use tef gel to prevent it.

Ohh you can be sure of that! That’s the first and last time I’m having this issue

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Alright so I bought the stripped screw bits and it provided the best grip so far! However, I still wasn’t able to dislodge the screw; my drill started smoking and nothing moved. How the heck did it get so stuck? So now the bit is firmly in place but the drill isn’t strong enough… I was thinking to grip the bit with wise grips but do you guys think I’ll be able to create enough torque to move this thing? Any other ideas on what to do with this bit now in place?

Did you try to heat it up to soften any possible thread locker?