Style of foil, ever seen anything like this?

Hi all.

Just looking at research fouls and components for a build. Has anyone seen a foil like this before. And can explain what the down turned 90 degree bends are at the ends of the wings?

I don’t know a lot about foils

The winglets : to reduce wingtip vortices drag : Wingtip vortices - Wikipedia

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Thanks Hotwire

I wonder why we don’t see more hydrofoils with this feature

This is more for design and to make it stand on the floor stable…If it would be to reduce vortex the winglets would go upwards…
This e-foil is built in China and will be available end of the year or next season;-)

Thanks elevate

I’m still pretty new to this efoil thing, you guys seem to have so much knowledge very glad I’ve found the forum