Suggestions for new jet, direct-drive build

Hi there,

I am very new to this and overwhelmed with information.
I want to build an e-foil board with a direct drive jet propulsion unit as it seems safer and easier to maintain, albeit with some compromises in range and speed from what I gather. I want to build the foil board before summer is over so I am wondering if anyone could suggest what parts I should look for in my build. I want it to go at least 15 knots and last at least 30 minutes.

I’ve listed some of the basic parts I think could possibly work with what I have in mind. Because I am a new user I can only post 2 links at once :confused: so I will just post a link to a google drive where I have some basic parts listed here:

I would try and get some parts from VeFoil but it seems their stuff isn’t available yet for this summer. MHZ has come up a lot for me in my search with their board and jets, but their board is expensive. I like that their board has a cavity in it for a battery but I reckon I might build the actual board myself. Should I make a smaller board for the jet drive (compared to prop)? Might it be easiest to just find a cheap board thick enough to cut?

Roughly how big of a battery do I need to go 15 knots for 30 minutes on a jet drive and a standard-sized efoil board?

As for RC control, I rather the controller be tethered. Are there any wired/tethered controllers you recommend I buy to put together with the board?

Please do mention any other suggestions you may have.

Thank you so much

Hi. Welcome to the forum.

Do you wanna build a jet drive just for the challenge? Or is your top priority to have a functional e-foil board?

I ask, because you say you are just starting, and very overwhelmed. The jet drive is not the path to having a successful first e-foil board.

I would go as far as to say that building a DIY, functional jet drive E-foil board is not currently possible.

I’m sure I “kicked the bee hive” by saying that! :rofl: But, I challenge you to find several builds on this forum that have functional jet drives. Many very experienced e-foil builders have been working on jet drives for over a year. I see no builds on this forum with a functional jet drive.

The concept is great! I’m sure there will be DIY jet drive E-foil boards in the near future. But, they will never be easy to build and they will never have performance anywhere near that of a prop.

I get 1h30min ride time. 19 miles range. And a top speed of 28mph.

A Jet drive will draw twice the amps for half the performance. A water jet is very efficient if it is at the surface of the water. Like a jetski. You put the jet drive down on the mast where is is completely submerged and the thrust drops of significantly. I suspect the most successful “jet drive” designs will more or less just be “ducted props”. But, without the duct there is less drag. Add a folding prop, and now I’m surfing without the motor! :desert_island::surfing_man:

I’m just sharing my experience, as I started out wanting to do a jet drive as well.

Either way you decide to go, good luck with your build!


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