Suitable foil for North Mast / Wings for fuselage


I hope someone can help me with my problem.

The following :

I own a North Speedster from 2018 which I relatively ignorant and a bit blind at the time, just bought. And as you can imagine, this foil is not ideal for an Efoil. It works but there are foils that are much more efficient and better suited for an Efoil. Since the motor, cables and everything else is already done, I don’t want to buy a completely new foil with a new mast. Does anyone know if there are suitable front-, backwings or complete foils that are compatible with the north fuselage or the north mast?

Thanks in advance


It doesn’t seem too bad to not try it? Reviews seem generally positive:

Hi Larsb

I have tested it and it works! :wink: but it feels like the moment of liftof could be a bit earlier (currently at just over 20kmh, unfortunately have no log on it) and as soon as the battery is slowly weakening then it no longer works. so far so good. But due to the fact that the motor, battery, board, akku etc… Not fun to swap, I’m looking for ways to make the board more efficient. The only options I have here are now the foil or the propeller. Propeller I have already ordered a Flite and one from Flying Rodeo. I think it would be much better with a much bigger wing. Thats why i‘m looking for a wing or a whole foil that fits on my north mast/ wings onthe fuselage :blush:


A milled or metal 3d-print adapter would do it, need some CAD sketching though. A first step would be to upload a pic of the north mast profile, if you’re lucky they use a common mast profile.

If you have a flatbed scanner then take a piece of white paper or cardboard and cut a close fitting hole for the mast in it, thread it on the mast end, stand the mast onto the scanner glass and scan it.

Take the basic dimensions with calipers:
Hole spacing, hole location from front or rear, profile width and profile front to back.

Then it’s possible to check the other manufacturers profiles, if not then CAD it.

Yes you’re right, making an adapter would be a possibility and relatively quickly done. I was just hoping that someone might know of an already fitting foil that fits out of the box.
Thanks for the help!