Supernova efoil

Stumbled across this.

Haha, they haven’t managed to get anyone up on the foil yet. Marc has changed his design and moved the battery off the board and into a vest you wear. You can see the connector at 0:28. He made way too many claims he could never deliver on!

Conpletly agree, all talk so far and huge media presence. Supposed to be a supernova triall this month but Id bet it passes luke all the rest of these trials

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I also would not want to strap a Li-ion battery to my body! If something goes wrong you’ll get both shocked and burnt…

I’ve been following this page and it’s a joke… He keeps inviting people and promoting his pro efoil athlete yet we haven’t seen this board in action once… I might be wrong and maybe he is trying to keep us on the edge of our seats but it’s about time to see someone ride it now.

100% im same and followong on media etc. I have 0 issue with the product if it works but jesus just show how you start with the boots on from the water already! All vids of supernova working are of a ‘normal’ board not their puller motor board as in these pics. And their pro rider is only 11 years old - no issue with that either but demo the bloody thing or stay zipped at this stage!!!

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Tomorrow is the day…apparently!

I have been following their FB and Instagram pages for a few months but it seems that for Supernova tomorrow will always be ‘The day’. To be honest I just lost my hope of seeing someone riding it.
Too much teasing becomes annoying… I have just pressed the unfollow button, best of luck though!

It still doesn’t say that we will see it in action lol so that’s still TBD lol

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Well f#@k me, slap me arse and call me daisy, its the day, pigs are flying!

Almost flying

Not sure if you guys can see this or not but it looks like with more balance it might actually work! Def not sure on having a battery strapped to my back though!

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Really a clever idea for start !
Just curious to see what happen when falling at speed when the wires are in water connected and when it s power back

At least I don’t want to be the first one to try …


Not really… He claims it’s for racing. By the time you start the other racers using lift and fliteboard boards will have completed one lap already. Then every time you fall it’s the same wasted power and time to get up all over again…

A clever way to start would be using a technique like skimboarders do with soft boards when surfing big waves. If you use a separate platform that has more bouyancy, you can then come up on the foil and out of it leaving it behind. You can even do the same with a properly designed dock start.

Ultimately though, having no buoyancy sucks and is not going to make anything easier…

Agreed however, it does prove that it can be done. Which is 1 of the things we all doubted. Have to say, i had a lot of doubts and I read and agreed with tonns of posts about it not being able to work but after the vid i can see it works so i have to be fair and hold up my hands and say sorry I was wrong, it can work. Might not be the most efficient etc. But it does work.

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The problem is it hasn’t been proven yet. With foils you have a stall speed. On any foil if you turn too tight the foil will stall and then need the bouyancy of the board to allow you to take that turning momentum and shift it forwards again. That’s exactly what you seeing in the video. While you have rotational momentum you can very slowly start climbing, but as soon as you straighten, the velocity out of the turn is too slow and the foil stalls.

Guys have pump foiled skateboards decks, but it’s all about how you start. Then there’s the whole practicality of the board for the masses…

Then there’s the obvious question what problem is solved with this efoil? I can’t see it.

I like really small boards for efoiling (about 4’) but one thing I have found is they are way sketchier for going fast as it’s a much thinner line between touching down and burying the tip. I sure wouldn’t want to touch down on this thing at 50km/h.

Yeah I dont think Marc as ever been towed behind a boat and tried to jump a wakeboard attached to his feet at 50kph. It’s a pretty sure way to blow out your knees and probably a few other things too.

There we have it. Whos gonna be brave enough to be the first to give this a try?

It just popped up on the Supernova Facebook so said Id share.

This things a lawsuit waiting to happen! Imagine you fall and the board jumps into either you or and someone near you. The prop in the front will massacre whoever it hits. It also looks terrible and has nothing he promised 1.5 years ago…

Well again, the prop is not the most dangerous part. The wings give injuries