Surf foil with DIY CNC

Hand shaping is fun… but building a DIY CNC to make boards is another level of fun… and dust!
V1 engineering make a nice kits to which you just have to add some wood, and stainless tubing to get yourself a cool CNC.
Designing a board in Fusion 360 is actually not bad (using the form tool), creating the G-code for the CNC is dead simple with the right post processor (see V1 site) and then just watch the magic happen…
And if you don’t pay enough attention to the parameters in the CAM part, you end up watching 5 hours of “magic” for a single face (bottom), the top only took an hour.

Just shaping the board wasn’t enough, so I modeled and cut the HD foam insert for the track…
Pressing GO to cut the opening on the board was a scary moment, but turned out great.

Next, glass/balsa/glass on deck and bottom and some CF on the rails… I’ll enlist the machine’s help to make the graphics on rice paper with Poscas I think… Below is one of the test drawings she did before starting to cut stuff… (yes, it’s a she!)