Surf foiling camping spots?

And there any socal camping spots I can just wake up and foil surf? Looking to just roll out of my van and walk to the water?

I can boondock if needed


The closest thing to that I can think of would be just North of Ventura. It’s not ideal, but it’s very close to Mondo’s which is a foil spot. There’s always Jalama which could be a foil spot depending on the beach break that day/hour. Pismo has camping right on the beach too that might work. Hard to find though.

You could also get in line for San O at 2 AM and sleep in your van til they let you in, then hang out there until full dark.

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has anybody foiled north of cardiff?..those campgrounds betweeen cardiff and swamis would be perfect…they used to be reserved a year in advance though…

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San Elijo. They still are reserved a year in advance. It’s super crowded at most times. I’m sure you could foil it, but I doubt people would be nice to you about it.

Has anyone foiled Scorpion bay? That’s the real question.

don’t do to mexico…you will die…erBB!