Switch stance foot placement

So I’m new at Wing Foiling, am a beginner/intermediate prone foiler. I am able to go up wind and jibe (all not on foil, still working on it) and surprisingly able to switch stance. I am goofy footed normally. I am able to get on foil in my normal stance and in control for maybe 20 yards before eating it. Pumping the wing in conjunction with the board is intuitive on my normal stance. But when I switch stance I notice a few things. I cannot get a good rhythm of wing and board pumping which I feel will come in time but more importantly I notice that I can go up wind much better and faster if my front foot placement is off center towards the heel side of the board to make the heel side rail dig in harder. My back foot is on the stringer. When I’m in my normal stance both feet are on the stringer. Am I starting a bad habit or is this normal to have my front foot, maybe 4", off center towards the heel side rail when I switch stance (weaker side)? I try to keep both feet on the stringer but find it hard to keep the heel side rail “dug in” and end up going more downwind as opposed to upwind.

Having your feet slightly offset like that is super common and pretty much every video I watch.

Here’s a good video on stance. Let’s see off we can get Jason to weigh in on this too.

I am also new to wing foiling. I offset my front foot slightly to the heel-side both in regular and goofy stances. Basically my toes are on the stringer and heel goes towards the rail. I’m not sure if this is exactly correct but it is working well for me.